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Link: www.disabledunited.com

Rating: 3

DisabledUnited.com review 2021:

DisabledUnited is a website founded by disability rights activist Johnny Crescendo. Online since 2002, DisabledUnited.com is more than just a dating site aimed towards disabled people. It also provides helpful links and information and is open to anyone with any kind of disability who is looking for friendship, a partner, marriage or more. When we tested the site, there were around 800 people online.

DisabledUnited.com Overview

What can be a bit confusing about DisabledUnited is that there are appear to be two sites at first. When you go onto the main page, you will be presented with all of the features the site offers. You will also be given the option to sign up with an account. Once you create your account and your profile, you can click on the dating section. Although you have to create a separate dating profile, you can still use the same username and password.

Users and singles on DisabledUnited appear to be primarily located in the United States and the UK. Since people tend to be spread out, it may be somewhat difficult to find a partner close by. This may limit your options if it is your only reason for using DisabledUnited.

DisabledUnited Features

With regards to features, DisabledUnited has a lot going for it. On the dating site, you will be able to fill out a detailed profile. This includes what sort of disability you have. Remember: when you create an account, you will have to wait 12-48 hours before you can send a message or use the chat functions.

When you do finally have your account approved, you will be able to use a number of functions including adding people to your friends list, blocking users who may be harassing you, sending flirtatious smilies, using the instant messenger and even sending your profile.

Extras on DisabledUnited

Besides dating, DisabledUnited offers a number of features such as travel. There are several different sections including travel, health, news and of course, dating. You can also use your account to browse the forums and participate in conversations. What is also useful is the jobs section, which will give users a lot of helpful advice when it comes to finding a job as a disabled person.

The travel section shows a number of advertisements for holidays both within the UK and abroad. All of these are geared towards disabled individuals. There are even markers stating what sort of facilities are available and whether it is friendly towards independent wheelchair users, those with limited mobility or assisted wheelchair users. If you wish, you can also advertise your holiday home or business on the site.

DisabledUnited.com - Costs:

  • DisabledUnited.com is free to use.

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Henning Wiechers
DisabledUnited.com is a community site dedicated to supporting and helping out disabled persons.