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Speed dating/Blind date organisers put to the test

Speed dating and blind date organisers offer events which allow you to meet several like-minded singles at once. The blind date dinner used to be the classic where 6-8 singles meet for dinner at an actual restaurant.

Nowadays there are more speed dates, running dinners and diverse specials like blind date pub crawls, single wine tasting or single events with a sporty flavour. This practically guarantees similar interests of the blind date participants.

Here we list the largest national sites where you can filter the events by city so that you know exactly what's taking place close to you in 2015 and check availability right there.

Tips for Speed Dating and Blind Dates

1. The first impression counts: stay true to yourself when choosing your outfit.

2. Although you will be nervous, try to stay calm, look your partners into his/her eyes and smile.

3. Don’t think about what to say beforehand or even memorise a certain text. Be 100% spontaneous! You might need several speed dates/blind dates and will surely gain experience that will help you next time.

Speed Dating Sites and Event Organisers

The best speed dating and blind date organisers in the UK



The world’s first online speed dating website

Link: www.speeddate.com

Rating: 5

SpeedDate.com is the world’s first online speed dating website with a patented system that allows singles to meet each other in 5 minute online speed dates from the comfort of home or on the way with its attractive mobile app and 11 million registered users worldwide.

You can meet up to 15 people using live video and instant messaging in one hour!

Unlike other online dating websites, SpeedDate.com allows you to immediately determine whether there is chemistry before taking the time to meet in person.

But you have to upload a photo if you want to see some of the features (like who has seen your profile) and/or connect with your friends in Facebook.

Perfect if you prefer to have a first live contact online before meeting in person. And don't worry, you'll get lots of Speeddating invitations!

  • Sign up won't cost anything
  • Premium Access will begin from US$12.95/month.

Short review Speeddate.com


More dating events, more singles & more matches than any other site!

Link: www.speeddateronline.co.uk

Rating: 4

Online since 2004, SpeedDaterOnline.co.uk has become one of the UK's leading dating events organiser. It is perfectly integrated with SpeedDater, so that someone who is attending dating events and using SpeedDater Online only needs to create one single profile.

SpeedDater Online also offers "SpeedBreaks" which specialise in short breaks such as ski weekends, tennis weekends and city breaks for single people.

The fact that SpeedDaterOnline was taken over by one of the UK's largest dating groups, Cupid plc. best proofs their success. When it comes to daily activity, there appear to be around 200 people online (generally from all over the UK), on average.

  • It's free to create a profile and browse around.
  • Full access premium membership from £7.99/month.

Short review SpeedDaterOnline.co.uk


London's Speed Dating Events & Singles Parties

Link: www.dateinadash.com

Rating: 3,5

DateInADash.com is a London speed dating event provider that has been around since 2011. Having served over 18,000 customers, DateInADash is renowned for its friendly hosts who help singles feel a litle more welcome at their various events. Speed dating includes not only 10 or so four minute dates throughout the evening, but also a variety of "themed" events such as quiz nights, comedy speed dating and even a gameshow-style dating event. For those who want to try something different, this is worth a shot. There is also a "Friendship Match" option which means that there is also the possibility to make a few new friends.
  • Ticket costs depend on what sort of event you wish to attend.
  • For example, regular speed dating is usually £10/ticket.
  • Events such as singles' parties will usually cost £18/ticket.

Short review DateInADash.com


...four minutes is all it takes

Link: www.slowdating.com

Rating: 3

Slowdating.com's only purpose is that you have a great time before, during and after your speed dating evening. Therefore, they allow 4 minutes for each encounter (instead of the usual 3-minutes talk) and 30 extra seconds to write your notes. It is focused on various cities around the UK, particularly in places like London, Exeter, Oxford and Edinburgh.

Outstanding feature: Exclusive use of the venue to ensure there are no onlookers so you do not feel like you are in a goldfish bowl environment. Per event, you can expect there to be 24-30 people.

  • Between £15-24 per event.

Short review Slowdating.com

Pros and Cons of Speed Dating and Blind Dates in the UK 2024

Speed dating as a concept started in the nineties. Blind dates followed soon after and, in a couple of cases, the difference was often blurred. The basic idea was this: meet with a couple of other single people in a relaxed, social atmosphere. This can often be something of a step further than regular online dating and can bring people right out of their comfort zones.

The downside is that you don’t have much of an influence over who you meet when you go to a blind or speed dating event. Many of them do, however, tend to match the age requirements quite well. A good recommendation would therefore be events focused around specific themes, such as golf or wine-tasting as this will help you meet a partner who has at least some of the same interests as yourself.

A big drawback is that you haven't got much of an influence over whom you will be meeting at blind or speed dating events. The same can be said for sites. Age requirements, however, are matched quite well at such events. If you are interested in a specific type of individual then a good idea is to go to an event based around a specific theme (for example, golf).

It’s Cool to Stay Cool

Keeping cool at singles events is always a good idea. Everyone is aware of how damn nerve-wrecking meeting new people can be (especially when there's a roomful!). So just remember not to take it too seriously, have a few laughs and ask a lot of questions (but try not to be too creepy or invasive!). It can be good to remember however...

Regardless of whether you meet someone or not, blind and speed dating is often better than just sitting in and watching the TV every night!

Beyond this attitude, everything else is up to Lady Fate herself. So just try to stay relaxed! In a similar vein, this kind of attitude also counts for those who take part in singles holidays.

Further information on Blind Date and Speed Date 2024

As dating experts, we want to ensure that you are as well-informed as possible when it comes to speed dating and blind dating. There are a lot of sites out there so it is not only important to understand how they work, but also what else you can do to ensure a date and have a great time in the process.

  • Blind Dates – Stay Loose But Confident: It is important to keep a few things in mind when you go on a blind date or to a speed dating event. This article will give you some useful tips that you shouldn’t forget!

As always, we wish you the best of luck with your search for a partner. And as with speed dating, it is important to remember to have fun!

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