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Blind Dates – stay Loose But Confident

Blind Dates – Stay Loose But Confident
Searching for a partner on the internet brings with it many advantages:

Singles can get to know each other all over the world regardless of time and space and in a much more efficient way than, for example, in a nightclub.

But watch out: liars and fraudsters can be found anywhere, and the anonymity of the Web can cause people to say certain things that they wouldn't dare utter in public… because nobody can see them. That's why you should think about what kind of inconveniences can occur on a blind date with someone you got to know on the internet and how you can protect yourself from that.

Tip #1: Never be too confiding

Although you might think that you have finally found the right one, a certain portion of suspicion is always good – there’ll be enough time to put aside your suspicion. So pay attention to awkward behaviour or contradicting statements and quit the contact if your intuition tells you to.

Tip #2: Take your time before arranging the first blind date

You can assume that fraudsters quickly loose interest when they notice that you are in no rush to have the first blind date but rather want to get to know well your new acquaintance first.

Tip #3: Don't be naive

It’s the same as in real life: a pleasant and neat look does not necessarily ensure assure a sincere character just as the eloquent and kind speech of someone you have just met on the internet does not always represent true-hearted motives.

Tip # 4: Speak on the phone before you meet

Pick up the phone if a contact seems promising. Many a liar has lost their head in a telephone conversation. In addition, you will be able to get an even more thorough picture of your new flirt and realise if his/her voice sounds trustworthy to you.

Tip #5: Intuition instead of politeness

Don’t ever shun reversing yourself in the very last moment if you are having an “awkward gut feeling”.

Tip #6: Choose a neutral setting with a loophole for your blind date

The first date should take place at a neutral and public place of your (!) choice where you feel secure and know where the toilet or the back exit is...

Tip #7: Engage a “guardian angel” for your first date

Let your friends in on your enterprise and provide them with all important information with respect to your first date. Receiving a phone call during the date of one of the girlfriends is quite popular among women. They usually agree on certain code phrases such as:

  • "No, we wanted to go for a swim on Wednesday.” means: “The guy is horrible, please drop in “accidentally” and join us!”
  • "Yes, we can go jogging tomorrow.” means “Nice guy, I’ll call you tonight.”


In the previous paragraphs we have provided you with the most important tips for your next blind date. If you keep them in mind you should be safe. Don’t forget that a blind date can also be exciting, erotic and incredibly thrilling and you should be looking forward to it!

Don’t expect too much, that is, the love of you life - this way you won’t get disappointed. Don’t expect, on the other hand, getting slabbed by a mass murderer (which is quite unusual ;) ) despite our well-intentioned tips at the beginning. Because one thing is clear: A blind date is a wonderful alternative to one of your movie nights at home.

Good luck with your next blind date!

Henning Wiechers
has been observing the UK dating market since 2007. He is among the top opinion leaders in the industry.

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