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4 Tips: How to enjoy casual dating

Tips and Tricks:
How to enjoy casual dating

We now live in 2024 and the topic of casual dating isn’t new any longer. On the contrary, it is quite difficult to avoid. A casual relationship seems to be THE alternative to a serious relationship. At least that is the consensus in most blogs, forums or magazines. Alongside guides on “how to get laid” or “how to score a at a party!” But what do you really have to pay attention to and is that really for you?

We at leadingdatingsites have asked our readers and assembled the best tips for you!

Are you stuck in a boring relationship and you are curious to experience something naughty? Or are you single and are not looking for a relationship? No matter the situation you are in or what your motives are. Casual dating seems to appeal to you. Since you are apparently curious to find out what tips we have to offer.

We’re not dating, it’s a fuck thing.
-Miranda Hobbes, Sex and the City

We don’t want to make this about where to pick up a date and how to end up in the sheets as fast as possible. We have gone on about that enough already in previous guides. To make things short: aside from multiple clubs and bars, online dating is a way to find what you desire. Everyone knows the most popular apps though there are much more serious sex dating sites, for example C-Date or VictoriaMilan.
Incase you would like to know more about these sites, you are welcome to check out our extensive reviews on these websites.

For everyone else curious about the guide, let us continue! Today we would like to show you, how to survive the casual dating madness. Many jump right in, without a single moment of consideration. Which might work for some but surely not for everyone. Here we have a few tips on how to prepare yourself for the adventure:

#1 Set clear boundaries

Congratulations! You have decided to try out casual dating. Great, but please don’t mindlessly rush things. It is very important to establish clear rules and boundaries for yourself. A casual relationship can be everything, or nothing at all. So, it is important for you to know what you want.

Is sex all you are looking for? Awesome! Are you looking for sex and would like to fall in love later? Great! But make your mind up and let your potential partner in on your desires. Oftentimes one part of the casual relationship develops feelings for the other, which generally don’t tend to be mutual, since things were to be about sex only.

Before you get into it, take some time and work through these questions:

  • How often do I want to see the person?
  • Is anyone supposed to know about my affair?
  • What kind of sex am I looking for? Do I wish to experiment?
  • Is it okay if my partner has sex with others as well?

#2 When feelings do happen…

Since all of us are human, boundaries aren’t always able to protect us. Which is why you should keep in mind that it may happen eventually, that you fall in love. If you experience this, it is important to question what you are feeling. There is a great possibility that with all the sex you have been having you are reacting to the hormones released in your body trying to make you commit. Even if it may seem hard to do, you should distance yourself from that sex partner. You will then have an easier time to see if the feelings disappear quickly or if they are real.

Which makes it helpful to set new boundaries. If you exposed yourself a bit too much, or does a previously established rule not suit your needs any longer? You shouldn’t pretend for it to be okay anyways. Match the rules with what you feel is right and adjust them accordingly but be honest to yourself. you need to reflect constantly since it may happen that you bend the rules so much, you will no longer be able to have enjoyable sex dates. You should also be honest to yourself if you notice ant any give point that sex dating isn’t for you.

#3 Don’t let yourself be oppressed

You are supposed to enjoy the experience after all. But you may notice your partner to be more dominating than anticipated and them asking things of you that you weren’t prepared for. You will soon learn whether that behavior benefits your needs or not.

Which is another example of sticking to your guns. If you are into experiments, try things out. But you are not obliged to do so. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, end the casual relationship. There are more sex partners out there. Another pro: you will be able to tell the one to come what you are NOT looking for!

#4 Casual dating isn’t for everyone

Even though it seems to be a trend everybody is participating in… it is not for everyone. You need to like it and be able to handle it emotionally. Some of our readers have torn opinions about this. Especially among friends, unhappy singles are often told that it is a nice pastime and a good way of pressure relief.

Only if you are able to remove yourself emotionally you will be able to enjoy this adventure. Meaning, if you fall in love with your sex date, it has the potential to do more damage that it would bring you joy. There is no shame in knowing yourself and avoiding engaging in an activity that would only be bad for you many try it and get out as fast as they can. It will, however, show you what kind of partner you aren’t looking for and you will be able to be more relaxed when you enter your net relationship.

Best wishes!

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