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Put the date back in dating

Link: www.HowAboutWe.com

Rating: 3,5

HowAboutWe.com review 2021:


HowAboutWe appears to be gone! Thankfully, we have other options in our flirt and chat sites category.

HowAboutWe is not a normal dating site. Here, the focus is on the date itself, rather than the process of finding a partner. This is referred to on the site as ‘offline dating’, encouraging people to meet up in real life. Through this kind of meeting, singles will have a better way of finding someone who suits their interests (or so they reason).

Founded in 2010 by Aaron Schildkrout and Brian Schechter, there are currently around 2.3 million users. Available in 30 countries including the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom, you won't be at a loss for someone to hit the town with!

HowAboutWe.com Dating Ideas

Dating ideas are the core of what HowAboutWe.com is all about. All of this is encapsulated in a rather simple question, “How about we..?”, which is then followed by a suggestion from the other party. It can take different forms depending on what you're in the mood for, such as:
How about we see a movie on Friday night?

It puts a cool spin on things and can often help to get people talking and meeting up with one another. Another great thing about HowAboutWe is that singles will be likely to find someone who shares the same interests as them when it comes to pastimes and hobbies. You can suggest almost anything on this dating site and see who responds.

HowAboutWe Features

The features on HowAboutWe.com are rather standard, so it is the whole idea behind it that is what makes it so unique. Of course, everyone needs these features in order to communicate. As a result, users can...

  • Send messages to their interests.
  • Upload a few flattering photos...
  • ...and describe themselves in a few words.

There are also options for switching off the advertisements and even being able to browse various members anonymously. Other cool options that HowAboutWe has include 'speed dating' for singles. Simply click on Speed Date and you will be given random selections that suit your preferences. If you are interested in going along with their plan, simply click ‘Yes’ under 'Intrigued'. If not, click ‘No’ and move on to the next one.

Daily Dates is another feature of HowAboutWe.com, except this time instead of suggesting date ideas it suggests the actual singles who propose them. You usually get five Daily Dates a day and can browse through them to see if they tickle your fancy.

HowAboutWe Premium

In order to avail of many of this dating site’s premium features, you will need to upgrade. There are several upgrade options including Basic and Premium, which will all afford you the ability to do different things depending on what you pay for. Sending and receiving messages will require a paid account.

Premium members get more views, can get rid of advertisements and browse anonymously. Both Basic and Premium members can send and receive unlimited messages, get priority customer service, view visitors and read new messages in their email.

HowAboutWe.com - Costs:

  • Sign up and create an account for free.
  • Full access starts at £4.99/month.

Just a taste of what is to come!


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Put the date back in dating

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HowAboutWe.com was last tested April 2024 with3,5

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Henning Wiechers
HowAboutWe is the OFFline dating site.