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Your question:
What does the Oasis free dating site offer?


Oasis.co.uk review

Looking for a friend or a date?

Link: www.oasis.co.uk

Our answer:

Oasis is a relatively new dating site with over 5 million members worldwide. With an increase of about 250.000 new members each month it’s one of the fastest growing dating sites on the market. Why is that?

What does the Oasis free dating site offer?

Oasis is a simple to use dating site that allows you to look for singles throughout the UK and the world. One of the greatest advantages of Oasis is the fact that it allows you to join for free. Signing up is rather simple and the site doesn’t waste any time getting you ready to start dating. After having filled out a quick form, you can get started right away, if you wish.

Is Oasis dating 100% free?

YES, Oasis is 100% free with absolute no hidden costs whatsoever! The great advantage of a totally free dating site is that you don’t have to worry about financial repercussions at any time and don’t need to feel rushed about finding a date quickly. This allows you to spend more time preparing and improving your profile and learn how to use the site to your personal advantage.

What features does a free dating site like Oasis offer?

Although Oasis dating is free, there are quite a number of attractive and fun features that support the dating process. After having filled out the initial quick form, you can add additional sections as well as an unlimited number of photographs to your profile later on. You can search through the Oasis dating profiles using many different customizable search criteria and/or use the Oasis matching service. On the Homepage you’ll find a list of pictures of people who have been matched to you. If you’re interested in one, you just need to click on the respective picture.

If you’d like to know someone better, Oasis provides you with a number of communicative features to break the ice and get communication going. You can send mails, join groups and forums, use the dating site’s messageboards and chat through the instant messaging service.

Would you suggest Oasis free dating?

You have to know that Oasis is exclusively funded by advertisement, which means that you’ll find more advertisements than on dating sites that are funded by its clients directly. Further, the technical construction of Oasis is a bit limited compared to other popular dating sites. However, we shouldn’t forget that Oasis is a FREE, straightforward and easy to use dating site. Therefore: It’s certainly worth a try!


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