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Your question:
Is Getiton scam?

GetItOn.com UK

GetItOn.com UK review

Find Your Sexually Compatible Match

Link: www.getiton.com

Our answer:

All about the Getiton scam

Getiton is a relatively new sex dating site allowing you to live your erotic dreams. You can find sex partners depending on your erotic likings and preferences. The easy-to-use website allows you to start looking for your sex partner almost right away. Well, you do have to fill out a questionnaire but this ensures you’re a real person and you’ll be matched with the “right” people. Its simplicity and easy-to-use features attract thousands of new users daily... thus, although Getiton is relatively young, it’s providing a quickly growing user database.

So far we’ve hardly received any complains about Getiton. But the ones that have reached us usually evolve around three topics: cancellation, fake profiles and low number of female users.


People complain that even though they have subscribed for one month only, Getiton continues taking money out of their bank account (which makes them assume Getiton was a scam). But it’s simple: as with almost any other subscription - whether newspaper or dating site - if you don’t cancel on time, your membership will automatically be renewed. So, don’t forget to cancel your subscription and do it on time. ;)

Fake profiles

Getiton is trying to minimise fake profiles by making registration a bit more time consuming (those creating fake profiles usually aren’t willing to spend too much time on it) and by regularly reviewing their user database. However, some fakes will always “survive”. Our tip: Even though Getiton provides a matching service, we suggest you to look through the user database yourself. If you come across profiles with just a few lines, don’t bother - those are usually fakes. Concentrate on those with more comprehensive descriptions. So, no scam here either.

Low number of female users

The number of female members is quite low - just as on any other sex date site. But most men aren’t willing to pay and upgrade their membership to premium membership. Thus, if YOU are willing to pay, you’ll be one of the few lucky male users enjoying all the advantages of Getiton. And you’ll see that your chances of success aren’t as bad as they first seemed but rather quite good. ;)

Our conclusion

Be informed but don’t give the “Getiton scam” too much importance. Enjoy this modern and easy to use sex dating site and HAVE FUN!!!


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"GetItOn.com UK" and our test result
That's what we think about GetItOn.com UK ("Find Your Sexually Compatible Match"):
GetItOn.com is a very modern and easy to use sex date portal.
Henning Wiechers


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