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Date.com review 2021:


Date.com is now known as Matchmaker.com. We would, however, recommend EliteSingles if you are looking for a serious, long-term relationship.

Date.com was a pioneer in the world of online dating. Since 1997, this site has been helping to match singles to one another. As technology developed, so did Date.com. As one of the biggest general dating sites out there, Date.com now plays host to well over 10 million registered users.

The website has exchanged hands in the past, going between different Internet companies, but it has now fully integrated itself into the modern online world.

There is a mobile version available for singles, an LGBT version and a wide search scope. Owned by Avalanch LLC, Date.com is used as their general dating and online personals site.

Date.com Features

Date.com is, in many ways, a classic dating site with the usual features. You will find lists of singles online now, as well as features which allow you to refine and change your search settings. This means that you will be more likely to find someone with whom you are compatible. For full access to all the features, such as messaging, email and more, you will need to upgrade.

Another feature of Date is their questionnaire matching option. This questionnaire can take quite some time to fill out, but it is often worth it. It will examine your personality and then determine which personals are more suitable for you.

Date.com Profile

When it comes to filling out your Date profile, make sure to create as interesting a profile as possible. There will be a lot of things to consider, such as writing down a short bio and uploading a photograph. Facebook members can log into their accounts and upload a phootgraph from there.

Date.com Experience

Most people who use Date.com are college-educated, sophisticated and tend to live near the more urban parts of the world and have similar experience. When searching on the site, you do not have to restrict yourself to personals and singles that are in your area. In fact, you don't even have to stick to the country in which you live. This makes the site somewhat flexible. You could be on holiday or on a business trip and still chat with your flirt until you get back. A mobile version of the site will also mean that you can literally chat with your flirt partners anywhere.

Date.com is quite usable as a site, although at times it does appear to be a little old-fashioned. If you are looking for something more sleek and modern, you probably won’t find it here. This does not take away from the large amount of personals listed on the site, however.

Date.com - Costs:

  • Signup and create a profile on Date.com for free.
  • Prices for Date.com start from around US$11.70/month.

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Go out. Have fun.

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Statement from Henning Wiechers

Henning Wiechers
Date.com is an online dating site that has been around since 1997 and is one of the largest dating sites on the Internet.