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The fun way to find people like you

Link: www.lovoo.com

Rating: 3,5

Lovoo.com review 2021:

Want to know about Lovoo.com? Then take a quick look at the facts that we’ll present you here.

A growing social dating service in the UK, Lovoo already has around 3 million UK members. Founded in 2011 in Dresden, Germany, the social dating app was originally only available as an iPhone app. Users can thankfully also take advantage of the Android and desktop versions. Daily, an average of 260,000 users visit the site. Mobile users number around 1 million daily to use the chat feature.

In total...

...around 5 million messages are sent on a daily basis.

Login to Lovoo: What to Expect

Like a lot of social dating sites, Lovoo aims to connect people with one another on a basis of not just romance, but friendship as well. Lovoo's, "Flirt Radar" focuses on who is nearby, though despite the name you can search for literally anyone else who is on te dating app regardless of whether you would be romantically inclined towards that person.

You may find Lovoo to be useful for making new friends if you move to a new neighorhood or are interested in expanding your social horizons.

The Lovoo App

Although available as a desktop dating site, Lovoo works very well as an app and is available in iOS and Android. As a dating app, Lovoo features various functions which make finding friends a lot easier. On top of this there is Profile Verification which is a safety feature that makes things a lot easier...

  • Simply click next to the profile picture on "profile verify"
  • Write a code shown on a sheet of paper
  • Photographed the face with the sheet...
  • ...and Lovoo employees then check whether that matches the profile photos.
  • Then you get the blue seal of authenticity in Lovoo chat profile and still 100 credits as a reward to.

Lovoo.com: VIP Membership

For those who want to enjoy Lovoo to its fullest, there is a VIP membership which affords a number of features to improve your experience. These include the Profile Highlighter, Unlimited Matches and, probably the most appealing: Ghost Mode. This allows you to look at other people's profiles without them being able to see you were there.

Lovoo.com - Costs:

  • Sign up and login to Lovoo is free.
  • Use of various function is done by purchasing credits.
  • Credits start at £2.99/300 credits.
  • VIP membership starts from £0.94/week.

Review Summary

Shortfacts about Lovoo.com

The fun way to find people like you

Test result:

Lovoo.com was last tested April 2024 with3,5

Statement from Henning Wiechers

Henning Wiechers
Lovoo.com is a site that goes beyond social networking and dating.
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