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Launched: 1996

Our rating:3

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Pros and Cons

  • AdultFriendFinder.com is the largest sex dating portal in the world.
  • Pretty hardcore when it comes to sex (erotic blogs, sexy webcams etc.)
  • Most certainly a larger number of men, however few of them actually pay for membership. This means that premium members have a distinct advantage when it comes to looking for action.
  • There are quite a few fakes around, as well as prostitutes looking for clients and webcam strippers looking for someone to pay them.
  • Prices on AdultFriendFinder aren’t necessarily expensive, and there are different types of subscription.

UK members

81 : 19

This is AdultFriendFinder.com:

How does AdultFriendFinder work?

You could describe AdultFriendFinder as an international sex dating platform with 3,000,000 UK members. There is a lot more to this service than just casual dating, however. It can also be seen as an online community (albeit one that focuses around erotic encounters and sex). Users can contribute to the community through things like webcams, chat sessions and forums. Active contribution is not compulsory: you can also be a silent observer and simply enjoy looking for and meeting up with members, uploading photos, videos and reading the forums.

The focus here isn’t just on casual dating or looking for people for sex: it is also for those who want to try something new in the area of erotic adventures. This is particularly good for those who may have a specific fetish.

What kind of people are on AdultFriendFinder.com?

There are all kinds of singles and attached people on AdultFriendFinder.com. Bakers and bankers alike set up profiles for a multitude of erotic reasons, with some of them being rather discreet about their activities (others are totally unashamed and play the exhibitionist). It all depends on the type of member!

AdultFriendFinder prices

There are different price categories on AFF. This depends on what you want. There will be one type of subscription for those who want to be able to send messages and view webcams, as well as another type for those who want to see videos. Of course, you can get a combination of all of these. Just make sure to take a look at the prices.

If you are willing to pay, you can start your hunt for an erotic date at AdultFriendFinder.com virtually without competition.

Henning Wiechers

AdultFriendFinder.com: composition of members

Number of registered members at AdultFriendFinder.com:
3,000,000 UK members
  • Over 60 million worldwide
  • Around 200,000 new listings in the last few months.
  • 500 new profiles every day.
  • Unfortunately this includes a lot of either fake women or those with more financial interests.
  • Every few months, empty profiles are purged so the number of 60 million can do down to about 40 million.
Gender ratio (m/f):

81 : 19

  • Not at all great for men at first sight.
  • Since a lot of men aren’t willing to spend their money, if YOU pay and invest in a premium membership, you will be practically unrivalled.
Age distribution:
40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 26%38% 38%24% 26%20% 8%12% 1%3% 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65

Average age of users:

  • Women: 34.3 years old
  • Men: 36.6 years old
  • Minimum Age: 18 years old

Matching procedure of AdultFriendFinder.com:

Steps to success:
  1. You register with an account (providing name, age, email address and preferences…).
  2. Make sure to upload a photograph of yourself (these profiles will receive a higher number of messages and contact requests).
  3. You can then fill out your personal and sexual preferences, as well as your own traits and characteristics. Make sure that you fill this out in full, so that other members who see your profile will understand what they want.
  4. A space for free text allows you to elaborate on your character, and, of course, explain exactly what you are looking for.
Given contact guarantee:
  • AdultFriendFinder maintains that you will find a hookup on their site within three months.
  • If this doesn’t happen, then they will offer you three months extended membership, completely free.
Quality of user profiles:
  • Since there is the option to upload nude pictures without being checked, there are a lot of pictures of genitals and other body parts (breasts, penises, etc.). This may not suit everyone.
  • Members can also post a video on their profile, which can further serve to add to the explicit nature of profiles here.


Anti-Fake Measures

  • Profiles are manually checked by editors.
  • Our profiles were therefore delete, being made for fun.


Photos Possible?

  • Large number of photos possible.
  • Upload photos from webcam or a file.
  • Edit images online.
  • XXX photos can also be uploaded.
  • Upload videos.


Anonymity Protection?

  • You can make photos only visible to friends.
  • You can also go invisible when online.


How Do You Show Yourself Off?

  • Answer extension questions about you and your partner preferences.
  • Additional questions regarding sex (fantasies, toys, etc.).
  • Small personality test.
  • Free text is also possible in the profiles.

Proof of Identity?

  • Optional: You can use a driver's license or similar ID to prove this.

Technical aspects of AdultFriendFinder.com

Special features:
  • Access to millions of people looking for sex.
  • Huge possibilities to be active within the AdultFriendFinder community.
  • There is also Live Model Chat, Adult Chatrooms, Flash Chatrooms and Instant Messenger.
  • All sexual affinities and orientations are represented.
  • There is a new ‘Movies’ section where you can view a variety of different types of pornographic videos.  These are sorted into sections such as ‘Sex Art’, ‘Classics Collection’ and ‘Peek TV’.
  • The ‘What’s Hot’ section allows you to see what the most popular videos, photographs or members are at any one time.

International Members

  • You can contact any of the more than 60 million members worldwide.

Great Additional Features

  • Video Chat & Video Presentation.
  • Blogging, 175,000 discussions and local groups,competitions.


Various Comfort Levels

  • You can filter on "soft", "medium" or make "hardcore" and then receive only relevant photos and videos displayed.


Hot or Not?
  • You get images leaked and can vote thumbs up/down.


Also available as an App for iPhone

  • Search the App Store for "AdultFriendFinder".
Handling and design:
  • AdultFriendFinder is not a horrifically complex site to navigate, and it is quite easy to see what is where making it quite beginner-friendly. This can be done with the toolbar on the top of the page.
  • Designwise, there are a lot of explicit images that you will see and many of them not in good taste. There is also a somewhat frequent push every now and then which tries to get you to upgrade your membership.


PC and Notebook:

  • Adult FriendFinder is very clear and well laid out, so you can easily find your way through the complex structure.
  • A long list of help topics provides information on all areas.
  • Speedwise, quite fast.
  • Safety: good.


Smartphone and Tablet:

  • AdultFriendFinder has a mobile iPhone app and a mobile website version.
  • The mobile version for smartphones provides access to all essential functions.
  • You can literally check who is online at any time. There is a meter at the top of the page which will show the number.
  • On member profiles, you will have the option of adding them to a list of favourites (known as a ‘hotlist‘).
  • You can send an Icebreaker message if you’re not sure what to say, or you can use a Flirt to get something going between you and another member.
  • It is also possible to add people as friends.
  • Member groups will allow you to join in various discussions, as will the dating forums that AdultFriendFinder provides.
  • Personal Flirt mails via an internal system.
  • Private 1 on 1 chat.

Points of Note:

  • You can chat with online members directly.
  • There is to contact a video chat.
  • You can black list people for harrassing you.
Search filters:
  • There is a quick search feature allowing you to find someone close by within seconds.
  • You can also search for members who are online at the moment.
  • Saving your searches is a possibility.
  • Members can specify exactly what they want (male members, female members, couples, groups, transgender etc.).
  • You can get even more specific, searching your region, county, state, country or distance from a specific place.

AdultFriendFinder.com cost and fees

Free services:
  • Posting up a profile is free.
  • As a free member, you can start up to 20 IM conversations per day.
  • Limited search and profiles in the Preview view.
  • You can write to premium mebers.
  • Blogging.
Premium services
(fee required):
For unlimited commmunication and the ability to flirt with all members, you can get:
  • 3 Months = £7.95/month
  • 1 Month = £12.95


Other features include viewing profiles in full, private chat and Profile Highlight.

Profile Highlight:

  • 3 Months = £5.95/month
  • 1 Month = £6.95


You can also...

  • Send messages and arrange to meet.
  • View unlimited number of profiles and photos.
  • Be listed first in searches and your profile will be seen five times more often.
  • "Power Search" by region, appearance, education and date.


Premium Services
  • Viewing a profile in full.
  • Sending and receiving messages and private chat.
  • Profile highlight allows you to attain a better place in the search results, hence increasing your visibility.


Gold Membership:
  • 3 Months = £13.33/month
  • 1 Month = £15.00


Profile Highlight:
  • 3 Months = £5.95/month
  • 1 Month = £6.95
Payment options:
  • Credit cards
  • Direct debit
  • By telephone
  • Fax
  • Click&Buy

Take Note:
The contract is automatically extended until you cancel!

AdultFriendFinder.com - about the company

Various Inc. / FriendFinder Inc.
445 Sherman Ave, Suite C
Palo Alto, CA 94306-1828
United States
In the members' area
Contact Form:
In the members' area


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