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The likelihood of a successful relationship

The likelihood of a successful relationship

Learn how the matchmaking algorithm of popular dating sites works to couple two people.

Have you ever wondered how an online dating site works? Sure, we know that there is some kind of a computer doing the matching, but how does it really do it? How does the computer know that Mr. X is right for Mrs. Y? What is the secret sauce?

If you want an answer to this question, then you need to watch this very cool video from TedED, which breaks down exactly how OKCupid, one of the biggest online dating sites on the Internet, matches two people.

They explain how their computer algorithm matches two people based on their answers to all of those personality test questions which they want to answer. Pretty interesting stuff!

Below this lines you can watch the video, and if you enjoy this kind of TED-Ed presentations, here is the official website with all the videos: ed.ted.com

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