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Credit Scoring: Dating with Debt

Credit Scoring: Dating with Debt

While being perfect in matters of the heart is vital for the dating world, a good credit score is increasingly leading the hearts of young men and women of all ages: What's your credit score like?

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Pursuing a romantic relationship with bad credit isn't impossible. But it does close doors a good credit history will open. Women value stability and financial security in a long-term relationship. Taking care of money now sends a message you're responsible enough also to take care of a family down the road.

Dating sites such as Creditscoredating.com and Datemycreditscore.com exist for the purpose of matching people who possess good credit with mates who also pass the financial test. These sites show dating is shifting from merely coveting perfect looks to also searching for a perfect credit score. The New York Times reported that some people see bad credit as a financial equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease. Go figure.

How Does Bad Credit Affect You?

Bad credit is becoming a relationship obstacle specifically because it does so much damage to your ability to make any major purchases. Your credit score is calculated based on your debts and payment history related to those debts.

A poor credit score can prevent you from taking out a loan to buy a car or a home. It can also be used as a reason for charging you higher interest rates on a loan or credit card; Time magazine notes that any credit score at 750 or higher is considered good, and anything below 660 is a financial burden.

Improving Credit

It isn't a quick-fix solution. Repairing credit takes time and discipline. MSN Money notes several things a person can do to improve their credit score. These solutions include using your credit card sparingly, paying off the balance monthly and making payments on time to any installment loan.

While repairing your credit, there are still options to make some major purchases. DriveTime.com will help you obtain an auto loan so that your credit doesn't prevent you from getting the vehicle you need to wine and dine with your date.

Common Myths About Marriage and Credit

Marriage doesn't mean your credit score is combined into one. Both spouses continue to have separate scores. That doesn't mean bad credit can't affect both of you going forward. If you choose to open a joint account, a late payment from either you or your spouse can tarnish your credit score, according to U.S. News and World Report.

It's important to sit down with your partner and discuss financial history. You should be honest upfront about any major debts or credit problems, so no friction is created later when the bad debt is revealed. Maintain an individual checking account and credit card account. This will prevent major debt belonging to a spouse from also ruining your credit.

Thrifty Date Ideas

Building good credit starts with spending money wisely. You can do plenty of date activities at a minimal cost that will allow you to create fun memories together.

Showing originality is a good alternative to draining the wallet. You can plan a scenic walk or a picnic. If she likes the outdoors, you can go hiking or biking to a nice spot. If she is an artistic type, create a personal poem or song. She will appreciate the thought you put into making her happy.

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