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Online Dating – Can Money buy Love?

Online Dating – Can Money buy Love?

Still Waiting for Your Prince Charming? Most girls grow up dreaming of meeting their prince charming and being swept of their feet. But how long do you have to wait?

It’s true that this generation is happy to wait a little longer to settle down putting a career first but there comes a point when you realize perhaps you've neglected your personal life somewhat. The way we meet our partners has changed as more and more of us turn to online dating.

Falling in love and being part of a successful relationship are important parts of our emotional and physical health. Therefore it makes sense to do everything we can to fulfill the longing we all have inside to meet that special someone. If you're too busy in work or meeting people through your friends isn't paying off for you then why not try an online dating site?

Okay, so once you've signed up you're on the net ready to flirt. Luckily for you there's no stigma attached to online dating any more so wise up and jump right in!

It's important to have realistic expectations. Whilst online dating most certainly works, with popular sites growing at a rate of 75% a year, it also has its pitfalls. There are a percentage of people who sign up online looking for a relationship of a more casual nature.

If you're enticed by the pleasures of casual sex then you'll be pleased to know there is a whole range of ‘specialist’ sites out there also. If you're not then you just need to be aware that people sign up to dating sites for all kinds of reasons, some of which are different to yours. However don't let that put you off. Dating success is just around the corner!

The Rules of Dating

So why have the rules of dating changed? Well, we used to be guided into relationships and marriage by our friends or parents whom we relied on heavily. Nowadays we demand the freedom to have autonomous lives and make our own decisions based purely on our own needs. There's certainly been a shift in society where it's more acceptable to form casual relationships than ever before and to settle down at an older age. As long as you know the rules, you can't go wrong.

Honesty is important when dating online. You're setting yourself up to fail if you're embellishing your characteristics too much. Make sure you represent who you are accurately and be yourself. Try not to be too narrow-minded about who you want to meet up with.

Most dating sites allow you to tick or un-tick boxes based on personal characteristics. Think carefully about being too picky. Would you really never date someone who has blonde hair or earns under £30K? They might be an incredible person and your perfect match, so try to remain open minded.

Can Money Buy Love?

If you're willing to invest £20 or so a month into online dating then there's no doubt you'll increase your chances of finding that special someone. Especially if you find it hard to fit in your social life around your work. Just have realistic expectations and see where it takes you!

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