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Link: Erovie has now become Lisa18!

Rating: 3

Erovie.co.uk review 2021:


In June 2015, Erovie became Lisa18.com!

Casual dating is what Erovie is all about. The quest for a long-term relationship can also be carried out here, but you will have more luck pursuing casual encounters. The sister site to one of our Test Winners, C-Date.co.uk, Erovie is aimed at those who are on the lookout for an erotic adventure.

Erovie and C-Date have a base of 27 million users, 4 million belonging to Erovie. Members often will receive access to C-Date's 23 million members as well.

The Contact Proposal

The Contact Proposal is a feature of Erovie that results from the matching of two profiles. Profiles are matched based on the erotic preferences that you choose. Along with the Contact Proposals, Erovie offers a ‘contact guarantee’, meaning you are guaranteed a certain amount of Contact Proposals within a specific amount of time. Should you fail to get these proposals for whatever reason, the good people at Erovie will refrain from charging you for a Premium account until you receive one.

For female members, this feature is especially useful. On most sites, female members tend to get an overload of messages from men. At Erovie, the computer picks your matches so you will only be suggested to the very best for you.

Creating a Profile

Unlike some dating sites, you will not find yourself doing a lot of writing on your profile description. Instead, they have it all picked out for you. It is quite detailed as well: you can choose your ‘ideal partner’ from a list of physical traits, as well as what sort of sexual tendencies they may have.

What some casual daters may particularly like is the ‘My Erotic Type’ feature, which allows you to further pinpoint what you’re into and therefore make your contact proposals all the more accurate. Daters can choose from options such as ‘All’ and ‘Romantic’ to ‘Experimental and ‘Wild’. When it comes to creating the profile, comprehensive is the best way to describe it. You literally cover all angles regarding your erotic preferences.

Higher Chances for Paying Men at Erovie

When it comes to premium membership at Erovie, female members will be happy to learn that, for them, all features are free. Men, on the other hand, will have access only to a limited number of features before they have to pay. While this may sound discouraging, there are distinct benefits to this. Most men will sign up, see the prices and flee.

This presents a unique advantage to you if you decide to pay: you will be among only a handful of men capable of messaging female members, all of whom will be able to reply to you. As a result, paying is definitely worth it.

Erovie.co.uk - Costs:

  • Create profile and get contact suggestions for free.
  • Female members do not have to pay to use premium features.
  • In order to communicate and use all features male members need to be a premium member, start from £24.90/month.