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More excitement. Less ordinary.

Link: www.newhoney.co.uk

Rating: 3

NewHoney.co.uk review 2021:

With NewHoney, you can expect the fiery-hot little sister of the biggest Europe-wide Casual Dating Portal, C-Date.

Our NewHoney Experience Report

NH is aimed primarily towards a younger target group than C-Date, and that’s something that you'd already recognise in the design: it is clearly lascivious and aims for a fresh, cheeky look.

Up for some no-strings sex?
     Then NewHoney is just for you!

Age and Background of the NewHoney.co.uk Members

NewHoney is an international platform, available in 36 countries and with around 12,7 million registered users. So far, NH already has a high membership number by our standards. That means lots of lustful users! Most of the members are late 20s/early 30s and therefore somewhat younger than those at NewHoney’s bigger sister, C-Date.

The NewHoney.co.uk Profile


Lisa18 profile example 

NewHoney.co.uk in Test

As opposed to some other portals, you don’t have to go endlessly clicking through galleries. Rather, you get contact proposals. Ones that suit your preferences. It is a much more discreet way of looking for an erotic adventure, especially for women.

Women on NH

Thanks to the contact proposals system, women are not constantly bombarded with messages and can exclusively concern themselves with the partner proposals. NewHoney  also understands, from the male point of view, how frustrating it can be to have to write a mountain of emails in order to find one partner.

NewHoney: The Login

The login/registration on Lisa18 has been set up by the operators in a rather amusing way. In the first step, you put in the most important points for a potential erotic adventure. Along with it, you answer various questions regarding your preferences and determine your erotic type. Whether group sex or a threesome, you will certainly find your way.


Lisa18 login 

So… Confirm your e-mail address and get ready! But, before you go on the prowl: don’t forget to upload a photo of yourself. Think about it: would you find a profile without a photo alluring? No. The same can be said for other users. Further details, however, can be exchanged in the messages.

What’s the Difference Between NewHoney and C-Date?

Why does C-Date have a little sister? What does that do for me as a user?

NH and C-Date have differing member databanks which overlap in certain places. For you as a user, this undoubtedly has benefits. As a NewH user you will, from time to time, also receive contact proposals from the C-Date databank: as long as they meet your preferences!

NewHoney is focused on younger erotic friends who are not yet sure about their specific likes and dislikes. We tested both portals with practically the same profile and got varying partner results.

Are My Photos on NH Secure?

Well... in their Terms & Conditions, NewHoney states:

(4) NH will set up user profiles using aliases and transfer only anonymous user data for the purpose of market research to other service providers whose teleservices the customer has used. The customer consents to NH using the anonymous or pseudonymous data for the purposes of advertising and market research, as well as to tailor and improve the Lisa18 service. This may include the transfer to cooperation partners. Every customer has the right to object anonymous user data being transferred to third parties for the purpose of consulting, advertising and market research and object anonymous user profiles being created. Note: This consent is revocable at any time with future effect or the customer can amend its personal data held by NH pursuant to Section 6(7).

Many operators have such clauses detailed in their terms and conditions. It is therefore preferable not to upload any topless photos of yourself. Sometimes it’s worthwhile looking at the terms and conditions.

On NewHoney you will also find the following paragraph in the terms and conditions:

(6) The customer undertakes to comply with the Terms and Conditions to protect other NH customers. The customer is prohibited from abusing the Nh service. This means the customer is particularly prohibited from (and not exclusively):
  • placing offending material or otherwise illegal material in the customer profile that infringes on human dignity/rights and/or general personal rights of other customers or to disseminate said material via the Nh service (defamatory, slanderous and/or pornographic material, in particular);
  • contacting NH customers with intent to defraud;
  • coercing other customers in any way or pressuring them in any other unwanted way.

This is done for your own protection as a customer.

NewHoney: “No One’s Writing Me Back!”

It is mostly men who complain about getting few answers. Now, unfortunately we have to say: this is mostly the case with online dating.

95% all first contacts come from men. And when a man writes 10 mails, then in the best case he’ll probably only get one answer.

In comparison: if a woman writes 10 mails, she will get at least 9 answers. Don’t worry about this, though. The exact same issue occurs in bars and clubs!

NH Costs

Yes, New Honey costs something and yet we are sometimes pragmatic: Log that is completely free with a casual dating site, then you are competing with hundreds of men who make all just chasing a woman. Especially since it überquellt on such portals before fake accounts and men, while women are found only in small numbers.

Prices are mid-priced. As a premium user you can, among other things:

  • Write messages.
  • See profiles completely.
  • You can see the complete erotic gallery.
  • Contacts store.
  • Contacts/messages permanently available.

NewHoney is completely free for women! Men are able to sign up and create a profile for free. It is also possible to receive free contact proposals.

NewHoney.co.uk - Costs:

  • Create profile and get contact suggestions for free.
  • In order to communicate and use all features male members need to be a premium member:
  • Prices start from £24.90/month.