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Is dating in London dangerous?

Is dating in London dangerous?

We’ve all heard horror stories about dates gone wrong, unlucky victims being scammed or even assaulted by someone they’ve just met, but dating in London doesn’t have to be dangerous. Just like anywhere else, there are some common sense tips that everyone should follow to stay safe.

Online Dating

Many online dating sites like Parship UK vet their members to make sure they’re legitimate and looking for love. However it’s easy to be anonymous on the internet, and even with the best intentions and thorough checks, unsavoury characters can slip through the net on any dating site just like they can in real life. If you’re dating online, take the time to get to know someone through email and chatting on the phone before you take the next step and arrange a date.

Personal Information

It’s tempting to share your whole life story with a new beau, but there are some things you should keep to yourself. Don’t let your date pick you up from home – it’s always better to make your own way to and from the date. That way, you’re not relying on them to get home, and if they do turn out to be less than savoury they don’t know where you live.


Meet somewhere central with a good tube and bus service if you’re taking public transport. A walk in the woods may sound nice, but for a first date it’s best to go somewhere public to get to know each other better. If they push to meet somewhere secluded that may be a red flag in itself.

Planning Ahead

There are a few bits of advance planning you can do to stay safe – first, tell a friend where you’re going and who you’re going with. Second, make sure your mobile phone is charged so that if you have to call someone, you can do. Third, make sure you’ve got enough cash on you to get yourself home – whether that’s your bus fare or enough for a taxi.


It’s perfectly normal to have a drink or two to get the conversation flowing, and to banish those first date nerves! Know your limits however and don’t get drunk on the first date. It’s unbecoming for one thing, and much harder to look after yourself and make the right decisions if you’re drunk.

Trust your Instincts

You don’t have to persevere with a date just to be polite. Instincts are a wonderful thing, and if you feel that something isn’t quite right or your date is acting a bit strange, make an excuse and get out of there. The worry of offending someone is nothing compared to being in a dangerous situation, so leaving sooner rather than later really is the right thing to do.

If you’re dating in London you have the advantage of the biggest dating pool in the UK, and keeping these few safety tips in mind can help you to enjoy it, and hopefully find love!

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