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Taking Your Date From Virtual Reality to the Real World

Taking Your Date From Virtual Reality to the Real World

Gyms aren't the only business that undergo a huge rise of interest after the holidays. According to the Daily Mail, online dating sites also see a surge of traffic between Boxing Day and the New Year...

...Some have even reported a 350 percent increase in hits on their sites by singletons apparently feeling lonely during these times traditionally filled with family gatherings and relationship-worthy settings, such as company dinners.

Maybe, you are one of these singletons, and you're now tentatively trying online dating for the first time. While it can be a bit intimidating at first, online matches are actually becoming more common. As The Telegraph recently reported, one in five relationships in the U.K. now begin online. In addition, more than 50 percent of British singletons also report having tried online dating.

You've Met Someone Online. Now What?

You've been flirting online with someone who truly sounds interesting and so you believe it's now time to meet in person. For many, this can be both an exciting and somewhat scary time. While you hope your virtual prince or princess charming will be everything you've imagined, it's always important to play it safe at first.

  • Arrange to meet in a public place, such as a restaurant. Let your friends and family know where you are going and who you are meeting. You should not allow a date in your home — even to pick you up — until after you've gotten to know the person.
  • Be careful not to drink too much, and keep an eye on your glass. If you should feel funny or ill, call a friend to pick you up.
  • Don't let the other party talk you into going into a nonpublic location, such as a house or a remote park.

The Two of You Have Clicked

Lucky you. If the spark you felt online is still there or has even been fanned into a passionate flame, then it may be time to invite your new paramour over to your home. Hopefully, you know enough to tidy your place up before inviting your new love interest over, but there are other things you should do, as well.

  • Put away pictures of you and any ex-lovers. Having these around will give your new love interest the feeling you may be still smitten with this other person.
  • Make sure Fido won't bark at or jump on your date. If your beloved pet has these habits, take some time before inviting your date over to train your canine. Fortunately, remote collar training can easily cure many of these behaviors. Remember, it's imperative your pet starts off on the right paw with your new lover if you are hoping to have a lasting relationship that will include both of them in the picture.
  • Get new bedding, or at least wash the set you have now. Your first meeting in your home may or may not end up in the bedroom, but if it does, you don't want to be embarrassed by dirty or stained sheets.
  • Have music on. Even if you have been out together several times, you both may be nervous on your first date alone in your home. Both of you may also feel a magnified sexual tension, which could lead to awkward pauses in conversation. Soft music playing in the background can help smooth over those quiet moments.
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