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Date: 17. January 2018

„LegalFling“ - App creates consent based contracts for sex

The company “LegalThings” from the Netherlands developed an app which can be used to create legally binding contracts for sexual encounters. It is meant to help fight nonconsensual Sex. The #metoo campaign has created a base to work off of.

The #metoo campaign seemingly created a huge stir in Sweden. A new bill was passed in December making law governing sexual offenses stricter. It is meant for both parties engaging in physical intimacy to verbally grant permission. Because even if a victim didn’t explicitly say it didn’t want sex, it doesn’t mean there was no abuse involved. Which leaves the question: when do both parties want sex, Unanswered.

To solve this problem “LegalThings” introduced their app “LegalFling”. The idea is simple: consensual sex with the press of a button. The app creates a binding contract which both parties must explicitly agree to.  The app can be used for one-night stands as for long term flings or relationships.

LegalFling gives you the option to specify do’s and don’ts. Both partners can express their desires, whether it be BDSM or even making videos of the act. Even whether each party would like to use a condom or not can be specified. Every contract is individually adjustable. What is important is that both (or more) partners must agree.

“Sex should be fun and safe, but nowadays a lot of things can go wrong. Think of unwanted videos, withholding information about STDs and offensive porn reenactment. While you’re protected by law, litigating any offenses through court is nearly impossible in reality. LegalFling creates a legally binding agreement, which means any offense is a breach of contract.”
-legalfling website

An agreement is reversible at any given time though. If you should change your mind after a short period of time, that is not a problem. If one of the partners fails to comply with the contract, there is a problem! Every agreement is saved in the blockchain, so it may be used in court. LegalFling offers the possibility, to actually follow up with sexual crimes in court, which has been pretty difficult so far.

So far, the developers have been looking for financial aid. Which makes LegalFling a concept for now. If the app is desired enough it should become available for android and iOS.


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