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Date: 27. January 2018

University study proves: young singles have less sex

Young singles have less sex than 10 years ago – a study at the university of Leipzig in Germany reveals, in which the sexual behavior of people between the ages of 18 and 30 has been analyzed.

Quick hot sex-dates via tinder?

A way to make a quick date, casual and just for fun. That’s how the impression of young singles being the ones having more sex came up. That isn’t even close to reflecting reality though. Lena is 25 and after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she is currently working an achieving her masters. She moved to a different city six months ago and she neither had a boyfriend nor a one-night stand since.

“The uncertainty of what is to come killed my desire for sex. I don’t have a plan for my future yet, which gives me much more to think about than casual sex.”

Study analyses sexual behavior of younger people

Less and less you adults have regular intercourse, a professor for medical psychology at the University of Leipzig found out. His long-term study concluded, that 18 – 30-year-old students living without a partner are much less sexually active than they were 10 years ago. Braehler is surprised by this result: “We thought the liberalization of sexuality would lead to an increase, if anything.”

The expectation came from different studies between 1994 and 2005, in which they surveyed more than 2500 people each on their sexual lust and activity. To be considered sexually active you had to have had sex within 12 months prior to the study.

On the third study in 2016, 71.2% of single men between 18 and 30 had regular intercourse, 10 years before there were 88.2%.

The women in this age group were quite similar, from 86.4% the activity dropped down to 72.2%, which means: more than one fourth of all singles is not having sex.

Why is this the case? Different life goals are more important than sex

Braehler considers psychological causes to be the probably culprit. Changes in the way universities work and much more busy schedules for courses with more exams lead to more mental stress. “I also believe that the perspective on finding a job and the type of jobs available has drastically changed.”, Braehler says.

In the first study in the 90’s there were more promising career paths available, today all of them are filled with doubts and uncertainty. Switching jobs is absolutely normal. This affects students minds and sexual activity. Women aren’t as sexually active because different lifegoals are becoming more important.

Reasons for the decline

Braehler assumes men being able to fulfill their sexual desires via the internet to be correlating to the decline, which ben, a Student from the University of Leipzig, agrees with completely. An active sex-life is not very important to the 22 year-old. “The amount of porn on the internet is seemingly infinite and easy to access. There is something for everybody. I believe that is much easier for most, that actually finding a real person to have sex with.”

Source: elitepartner.de

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