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Date: 06. March 2018

Britain’s biggest relationship deal breakers

Entering a new relationship is fun and exciting. Spending time with the person is amazing and it seems as it was impossible to ever get enough of them. Just up until the rose-tinted color on your glasses fades and once all of a sudden faults appear on that seemingly perfect human being.

While some faults may be quite easy to overlook since they are more or less simple little quirks you could fall in love with anyways and that may not always be the case. For some people these quirks are deal-breakers – the reason to cut off a fresh relationship right then and there. In search of which of these deal breakers irk the typical brit the most, YouGov asked women and men to reveal the traits the have found to be most uncomfortable.

And of all things, the biggest deal breaker was the partner being less interested in cleanliness and tidiness than oneself. 71% of the surveyed answered that they would feel uncomfortable in such a situation.

More deal breakers were a lack of intelligence on the partners side, being more uptight or confessing to having opposed political or religious views. Looking at this it comes as no surprise that the record high of reasons stated for breaking up were “political reasons”, when surveyed for the cause of breakups in 2016, the year of the election of Donald Trump in the United States.

On a brighter note, the attributes least likely to be deal breakers were, if a partner was earning much more money than you, much funnier than you, or even more organized.

Who said cleaning couldn’t be romantic!

Source: Standard.co.uk

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