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Date: 28. February 2018

Toxic Online Dating Trends in the UK 2018
Avoiding the dark side

London, 28.02.2018 Since online dating became popular, the former mentality of the users has drastically changed. There is a new form of „violence“ on the internet that is only getting worse. Times in which you could simply avoid romance scammers are over. Ghosting, bread crumbing and pigging are taking over the world.

When the first online dating websites were created over 20 years ago, nobody had really believed that it would develop this far. Even though the real “boom” happened in the 2000’s. Ever since, not only technology has come a long way, but people also have. A decade ago romance scammers were thought to be the worst thing that could happen to you when online dating. Today, the short-lived casual encounters are the cause of a lot of pain and problems.

In 2016 “Plenty of Fish” conducted a survey about the online dating habits of the so called “millennials”. This particular generation, born between 1980 and 2000 is known for their adversity to commitment, so it comes as no surprise that 80%(!) of the surveyed have been affected by ghosting before.

We at leadingdatingsites.co.uk have snooped through the press of the last two decades to analyse the online dating vocabulary. We noticed that with the beginning of 2016 new terms have gained popularity in the media. Unfortunately, the behaviour in online dating has become more aggressive. While you may have been wondering about the false identity of your chat partner (cat fishing) in 2012, 2017 women presumed to be ugly are exploited for sex-games (pigging). We sincerely hope you can enjoy your dates despite these despicable dating fads and would like to encourage you to be more cautious and alert when you would otherwise begin to let your guard down.

toxic online dating trends

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