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Date: 04. February 2016

Sinister Online Dating Chat-up Lines:
Watch Out! They’re More Than What They Seem

Singles who use online dating sites generally experience a variety of different types of first message. Of course, chat-up lines are definitely part of the package. However, it is important to consider just what the chat-up line is! Sinister chat-up lines are not used that often, but when they are it is good to be on the look-out. Mirror.co.uk has gathered a couple of lines that may seem innocent at first, but are definitely worth looking over and will set off alarm bells when you read them closely.


Online scamming and fake dating profiles are a very real danger of online dating. Thankfully, a lot of scammers are lazy and therefore it is quite easy to see through this. However, it is important to be aware that there are some people out there who know a thing or two. Dating industry expert Charly Lester says, "Scamming is a very real problem in the world of online dating, and scammers are getting more and more sophisticated." As a result, Scamalytics (a firm based in London) have developed a special software that can instantly identify scammers (grammar, however, is often a big indicator to begin with!). They have come up with a couple of the most common phrases that scammers use. It is therefore wise to avoid these!

"I have a very good character and family values which I am sure will help me to find my soul mate."

This is a generic catch-all. Of course, most singles are out there looking for 'the one' with whom they can start a family. And of course we’re all looking for someone with a good character… If you do see this line, well, next! Aside from anything else, it is also quite formally written… It just doesn’t sound like a real person talking at all.

"There is no pictures in my profile besides am new to this and don't have the idea of doing that so can you please get back to me with your email address..."

NEXT! For the majority of online dating users, “no pic, no deal” is a standard phrase and so it should be. It’s not just that looks actually count for something but… Seriously, you’d like to know exactly who you are talking to. Anyone who hides their pictures is up to something suspicious. Furthermore, sending an email address is also a big no-no on most sites. Not to mention the grammar is pretty questionable.

Most other chat-up lines follow this general trend. Not only are they terribly written, but they’re also long-winded and boring. If anyone you’re communicating with speaks like a robot, our advice would be to leave them. There are of course other signs that will show you whether or not something in likely to be a scammer. You can read about them there in our online dating tips.


Source: mirror.co.uk

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