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Date: 18. July 2016

Dating Show Promotes the Idea of Dating in Your Underwear

A new dating show which features singles spilling their deepest secrets in their underwear could be a reasonable alternative to Tinder. Jo Hemmings, relationship expert and behavioural psychologist agrees.

According to Hemmings, who had a hand in creating the TLC show entitled Undressed, believes that most people are losing their ability to speak to one another face-to-face. On Undressed, strangers will strip themselves of all clothing expect their underwear before climbing into bed with one another. Here, they will talk for half an hour in front of cameras. The idea is that closeness can be increased by vulnerability.

Hemmings states that she believes that online dating has a danger of overtaking "dating in real time", hence causing people to lose a number of interpersonal skills when it comes to speaking with one another in real life. In addition, the ability to actually meet people in the real world is also being lost.

"It would be a shame if the only way the next generation knows how to date, is through online dating sites and apps and by flirting from behind a screen,” Hemmings went on. During these on-screen dates, eager participants will look at a screen upon which various questions and tasks will be presented. These are to help the singles get to know one another. Hemmings believes that the appeal lies in the fact that, "It's a new type of dating show, and viewers won't have seen anything like it before."

As well as this, Hemmings announced that stripping down to one’s underwear also releases people of the usual psychological guards they have, as well as the defence mechanisms that are present. And of course, the physical barrier that is clothing is often used as a form of expression for personality and identity. All of that will be gone and therefore real chemistry and compatibility will come through. In essence, it gets rid of a lot of things that most singles deem to be 'complicated' about dating.

Singles who sit together on a bed in their underwear already have a big challenge to face. They will have to speak about subjects considered taboo, sometimes even asking "sensitive and sometime provocative questions".

She added: "There is a lot less dating going on than people think and a lot of looking, swiping and messaging that often lead to nothing. There is also the perception that given the vast array of dating apps and website out there, it is easy to find a compatible date."


Source: Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

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