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Date: 18. July 2016

Need Date Ideas? Pokemon GO May Not be a Bad Move!
New Mobile Game Sometimes Doubles as a Dating App!

Now released on iOS and Android, mobile game Pokemon GO appears be doubling as a dating app in both the UK and abroad. An augmented reality game, it is has literally taken the world by storm. While you can still catch Pokemon like in the original games, you have to go outside and explore your area in order to find them. And of course, now people seem to be catching dates as well.

Originally available on Gameboy, Pokemon GO is now available on smartphones and is being enjoyed by people of all ages... including singles. The dating aspect of the game isn't advertised and wasn't intentional, of course, but it somehow naturally happened. This is probably due to the fact that so many people are playing the game and challenging each other to Pokemon battles.

As well as singles meeting one another, there have also be a number of couples deciding to go on dates together. After all, what could be more romantic? Taking a walk through meadow and hunting down wild Bulbasaurs or Pikachus... It makes for the perfect date as well! According to one Pokemon GO user:

"[My wife and I] drove from PokeStop to PokeStop and caught a ton of Pokemon while chasing down silhouettes of Pokemon along the way," said the user. "It was way more fun than it sounds and we ended up having good luck with servers until we came home after midnight. It was a simple and inexpensive date, which we plan to do again. If you have a [significant other] who is into Pokemon, make it a date!"


Source: mashable.com

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