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Date: 08. September 2016

What's Your Job?
Tinder Reveals Which Jobs Get the Most Dates

Have you ever wondered if the job you work could make or break your online dating profile? Most dating apps and sites have a section where you can reveal your profession. Thanks to this, Tinder has revealed what the most popular jobs for successful singles on dating apps are in the UK.

The most popular jobs for male members of the app were creative directors, actors and lawyers: at least those who appeared in the top three of professions who were most likely to elicit a "yes" from their potential suitors.

For women, occupations such as dentists, teachers and (randomly) speech pathologists seemed to be the most appealing kind of work. Journalists were also on the list and at 14 came models, who were popular with both genders.

Every single day over 1.4 billion swipes occur on the dating app Tinder: 26 million matches are generated on a worldwide scale. In total, around 11 billion matches have occurred in the dating app’s history. It is already known that 25% of relationships began online.

Honey Langcaster-James, a relationship psychologist, explained to The Telegraph that having an interesting job is not the only thing that other singles are going to look at. Another key to online dating success is definitely the profile photo:

"Look straight into the camera and smile using your teeth – this says open, friendly, healthy and confidence.

"Don’t be tempted to airbrush your picture or present yourself looking too much better than you do in real life, and give group photos a miss to avoid confusion."

Source: rt.com

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