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Date: 09. September 2016

Hold Your Horses:
Emojis You Should Avoid in Online Dating

Emojis are a lot of fun and a great way to spice up your messages. The same can be said for theri use in online dating… However it’s probably a good idea to consider what emojis you’re using when sending that first contact! There are a couple out there that could be misconstrued to mean something completely different which can end up baffling even the most savvy dating app users…

Crystal Ball: Most people associate crystal balls with looking into the future. And this isn’t a good thing when you’re both in the early stages of messages. Even if you’ve already gone on a couple of dates, some people could view this as your thinking of marriage (or even kids!). If you’re absolutely intent on using this emoji, make sure to be VERY cautious indeed!

French Horn: We all know that playing the French horn isn’t an easy thing to do, and is definitely going require a lot of skill. In fact, it’s probably considered one of the hardest instruments to handle. Few people in any orchestra even choose to play it. It therefore sends a message that the whole online dating thing for you is a bit of a chore.

Slot Machine:You can pretty much guess what this is. It will obviously show that’re gambling on the whole relationship to begin with… Which is not something we would recommend! Make sure to keep it light and keep anything similar out of your messages!

Whale Emojis: This of course depends on how sensitive the other party is, naturally. Most singles, though, would consider the whale to be one of the lesser romantic symbols. Nobody wants to be likened to a whale, especially if they have a thing about weight!

Compressor: To be honest, we don’t even really know why people send these in the first place.

Rosette: Unless you’re actually a member of House Tyrell, the Rosette can be left out of any messages. Otherwise, it may be seen as an attempt to send your crush Game of Thrones spoilers. If your partner is far behind on the show, this won’t be a very welcome sign. It’s best to save all of the spoilers you have when they are your ex.

Ghost: Okay, there is nothing wrong with using the ghost emoji. At least if you already know the person in question and have met a few times. But when it comes to sending that first message, the best thing to do is completely avoid it.

Biohazard: These signs are there to serve a purpose and there is no reason to include them in any message ever (unless you are discussing a particularly gross person who should be avoided at all costs).


Source: Mashable.com

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