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Date: 14. August 2016

Keep an Eye Out:
Dating Mistakes That Millennials Make

Everyone makes mistakes, and the Millennial generation are no different especially in online dating. A lot of this is to do with lack of experience, which is naturally going to improve itself over time as they get older and wiser. Many of the mistakes listed here are perfect for Millennial singles as it helps them to grow and learn more about the world of dating and relationships.

Moving Too Fast

It is important to realise that dating is a bit like a game, but one that can have a fantastic outcome in the long run. If you move to fast, you may end up with someone that doesn’t really fit your vibe. However, even society itself puts an enormous amount of pressure on people to be in a relationship. Few want to be single and therefore there is a massive push to be in a relationship. Moving too fast is a symptom of this and can end up being detrimental to the well-being of both people.


Online dating comes in many forms and Tinder is just one of them… However there is a plethora of online dating sites and apps out there. Some are used for hooking up, some for those who just want to date and see where things go. Restricting yourself to one single app and assuming that it’s the be-all and end-all isn’t a good idea. Tinder, in particular, is overly superficial and there are far better sites out there to help you find a great partner.

The Overuse of Social Media

Bragging on social media isn’t a purely millennial trait, but it is frequently done by the younger generation especially when they’re in a relationship. Overusing social media can end up becoming overwhelming, especially for other friends and contacts. In fact, the phrase "Facebook official" is often seen as an indicate of just how serious a relationship is. Quite frankly it is stupid. Social media does not validate relationships.

Constant Texting

Another particular trait is the tendency to constantly text. Communication in relationships is good… but there is such a thing as too much. Some people feel pressured to speak to and/or text their other half every day and this can lead to a lot of anxiety on both sides. Here’s a tip: chill out! Just because you’re not getting a message every five minutes doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t care about you. We all have lives and other important things to do!

High Levels of Jealousy

Everyone gets jealous now and then… Even those in non-monogamous relationships. However, some people tend to take jealousy to almost crazy levels. Trust issues are undoubtedly big in a lot of relationships. Jealousy over stupid things like your partner having a friend of the opposite sex is something you just need to get over.

High Expectations

There is nothing wrong with having a few points that you can’t compromise on when it comes to relationships. There’s nothing wrong with having a few expectations either. However, having too many high expectations can seriously limit your pool. Consider this carefully when you’re about to swipe left.


A lot of singles say they hate games, whether Millennials or not. The evidence points to the contrary being true. These days, there are a lot of singles who aren’t honest about straight-up liking a person. They’ll end up beating around the bush for what seems like an eternity until it reaches almost childish levels.


Source: EliteDaily.com

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