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Date: 16. August 2016

Time to Hook Up:
Tips for Successful Casual Dating

More and more singles are opting for online hook ups these days. Sex contact sites have therefore become incredibly popular, among both sexes. There is, however, a certain kind of behaviour that you should perform when it comes to online flirting - particularly when seeking sex. And of course, always be respectful and polite!

Friendliness is Key!

Starting off with aggressive flirting on a sex dating app isn't going to win you any favours. Most singles start with a simple message introducing themselves. Of course, try not to be too boring. Texts like "Sup?" and "Looking?" probably won't warran a response (this is particularly common on gay dating apps). Just add some subsance ("Hey, nice profile pic!").

Take a Chill Pill

Desperation is not sexy. If you message someone and they're interested, then you'll get a response. Sending an incessant stream of back-up messages after not receiving an answer will ge you nowhere. Wait maybe a day: unless of course you're looking for a quickie. In that case, simply move on to the next one.

Physical Compliments Work Well…

This does depend on the person, and of course solely physical comments might elicit negative responses. However, one of two compliments about the other single’s looks will indicate that you’re attractive to them. Smiley emojis also work when it comes to trying to get laid online simply because they take the place of physical flirting when using an online medium.

Strip Off... Slowly and With Pictures!

Choose one of your most attractive selfies as your profile pic. Anyone wanting to get laid should show a bit of skin, as it sends a clear message. When sending pictures, don't start off with a picture of your crotch. Send a stream of pictures with fewere and fewer clothes... Let them ask for more! You'll be surprised just how much more their interest will be piqued.

Have a Few Normal Pictures

Your profile doesn't have to be filled to the brim with sexy pictures and you don't have to have a nude album. With a bit of variety, you can show that there are a few more dimensions to your personality. On top of that, you'll show that you're a regular human being and that you also do "normal" things (how about a few beach/hiking pics).


Source: UnicornBooty.com

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