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Date: 07. October 2016

"No Fatties":
Love-Seeking Romeo Has Stock Reply for “Older and Overweight” Ladies

We all have insecurities, and online dating can sometimes make singles more acutely aware of them. However, there are many people out there who are fully aware of what they want – and sometimes this means rebuffing others in the cruellest way possible. As per example, one particular gentlemen from the dating site Plenty of Fish did just that.

Lusaidh Glenny states that her sister sent a message to someone on a dating site, casually introducing herself. What her sister received, however, was a standard stock message stating that he was not interested in "older and overweight" women. The message came from a man’s profile called “L00kin16” and was a standard one that he had created in order to keep away the "many" women who messaged him who were older and overweight ("older" being beyond 30!). But the gentleman of course had some reasoning behind his seemingly harsh message. On his profile, he stated that he specified age because under 30 was the optimal time for women to start a family. Anything over that meant that the time between getting to know one another was "shortened and compressed".


L00kin16 when on to talk about weight, due to the fact that he states he was never attracted to "big women". He did state that since he moved to Scotland, the "average body type" on POF appeared to be around size 16. So for him it seems to be that a lot of Scottish women will simply have to be written off.

While all of this is quite harsh, there are no doubt many singles who think this guy needs to be taken down a notch or too. Though he had that covered by saying he was "fairly good looking", keeps himself fit and works in a highly skilled job. Oh, and he also earns something "well into" 6 figures.



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