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Date: 16. December 2016

Dating and Christmas Presents:
What to Get and When

Christmas, despite the joy it can bring, is also a stressful time for many people. Buying presents is always on the cards… but what about when you’re dating someone? Many former singles who are in new relationships may wonder and try to find out what to get their significant other. Not to worry – here are a few ideas for you to play around with depending on how long you’ve been dating!

Date 1

In this case, we wouldn’t worry a bit. The only thing you need to do is say “Merry Christmas” to one another while out for drinks. There is very little that’ll be required of you at this time. After all, you’ve only just met for the first time (if you found one another off an app!).

Date 2

Again, we wouldn’t worry too much about it when you’re on the second date. A small token may be nice, but it’s not necessary. A gesture could be good, though: pick up the bill after dinner or even invite them out for a drink/event on you. Even at this time though, it’s not necessary but the gesture is nice!

Date 3

No one would be expecting a gift at this stage. However, if you’ve had two great dates and you’re sure that this is going somewhere, you could use this to your advantage to entice them more. Find some Christmassy-looking flowers (if your date is into flowers). If they like candles, some scented candles might do (they don’t have to be Christmas themed but it doesn’t hurt!).

Date 4

If there are Christmas markets around, this could be a very good idea for a day out. Or why not try and take them out ice-skating? There are usually a lot of gifts on sale at such things, so it may be nice to buy something like a snow globe. For such gifts at this stage, maybe avoid something that is too Christmas themed!

Date 5

At this stage, you should probably know where this person works. If possible, you could organise for a sharable food item to be delivered to their desk (but don’t do it yourself… that’s a little bit creepy!). This is great because it can be shared with colleagues (who will all be jealous that someone is thinking about them…).

Date 6 and beyond

Once you’ve hit this point, you know that you’re at least in some kind of relationship. This will mean that you should know how this person works at least a little bit, and what they would like. It is up to you now to think of something nice to get them. Of course, if Christmas doesn’t mean much to either of you, it’s not something to worry about!


Source: GQ Magazine

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