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Date: 04. January 2017

Want a Tinder Date? Don’t Wear Glasses

So it appears that those who wear glasses are out of luck when it comes to online dating… or at least on Tinder. The dating app carried out a study that found singles who wear glasses in their dating profile photos have a 12% less chance of a right swipe. According to dating expert Dr Jessica Carbino -who took part in the study- seeing a potential partner’s eyes was "crucial".

Dr Carbino stated that being able to see a person’s iris gives clues as to whether someone can be trusted or not. Or at least, that is the idea. The study itself was done on what Tinder described as "the most fancied people in the country" – though these people were not necessarily what you would consider the most attractive in any room. It was all about presentation and making the best of what assets they had.

Presenting Your Authentic Self

The "most fancied" people in the study were those who had made profiles which showcased their "most authentic" selves. They would then go on to match will other singles with whom they believed they would be compatible. Smiling caused people to become 14% more likely to get a right-swipe, especially if their teeth were showing. Others who were in luck were those who wore a lot more colours aside from black, grey or beige.

Signalling Approachability

As a trained sociologist from UCLA, Dr Carbino stated that, “You’re signaling that you’re kind, warm and approachable. Facing the camera in your photo also makes you 20% more likely to get a positive reaction.” Which is of course, completely understandable especially when it comes to online dating.

Some of the most top-swiped people included Holly (21, film student and model), Ryan (27, financial consultant)), Loui (26, entrepreneur) and Cressida (23, fashion marketeer).

Holly told Cosmopolitan that she believed it to be her hair that made her stand out the most. However, she also went on to say that she was very carefully. Some photos selected included things like her being on holiday that show off what a fun person she is.

According to Loui, he is quite an approachable person and doesn’t pose in any of the pictures that he puts up. Those who have standoffish pictures tend not to get so many messages. He also has the word ‘wizard’ in his profile… though he’s a little unsure of why.


Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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