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Date: 10. January 2017

No More MILFs and Growing Open-Mindedness
Dating site AshleyMadison looks at the figures

The term “MILF” isn’t as popular as it used to be these days according to online dating site Ashley Madison. Many people are now beginning their New Year with a much more open mind when it comes to sexuality in general.

Considered the “world’s most open-minded online dating site” (and boasting over 50 million users on a global scale), AshleyMadison says that their yearly analysis shows that individuals who want casual dates and affairs are now using search terms that move away from various sexual stereotypes.

Signs Ups on New Year at AshleyMadison

According to ruby’s (Ashley Madison’s new owner) CEO Rob Segal, the definition of a “modern relationship and monogamy” is evolving far beyond the limiting labels that were imposed on them in the past. He states that during the beginning of the year, there is a considerable spike in the visits to the dating site as people are interested in exploring new and different experiences with people who feel the same way.

MILFS step out of the way: it’s time to be open-minded

According to research, there has been a considerable decline of 60% when it comes to search term “MILF”. Far less judgmental terms are now in the fray, with words like “hookup” and “affair” being searched more often and gaining popularity. This is, at least, among those who seek out a new connection online.

In fact, Ashley Madison says "hookup" searches increased more than 24%* over the past year, and continued to climb during the first week of January 2017. New Year searches for "open relationships" and "open marriage" also posted double digit surges**, making those search terms ones to watch in 2017.

“Sex and Relationship” Search becomes more open minded in 2016

According to Segal, statistics show that the second week of January is the busiest for married people who are looking for an affair. This is down to the credit purchases (+15%). Singles on AshleyMadison were the ones purchasing at their highest during the first week of the year… not bad!

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