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Date: 20. February 2017

Newly Single? Maybe keep these tips in mind…
The Huffington post gives us a boost!

They say that dating is a numbers game… therefore you need to expose yourself to the numbers! Thanks to the Huffington Post, we’ve gathered a few tips to help new singles (who want to get back into the dating game) start searching for a new special someone!

Get onto Those Dating Sites!

Whether it be dating apps or sites, putting yourself out there is the first steps. There are a lot of choices from online dating agencies to flirt and chat sites… if you’re just looking for a roll in the hay, then you can of course take a look at sexdating sites that the UK has to offer! The options truly are limitless!

Remember: Online dating lacks the stigma it used to have a couple of years ago.

Two’s a Couple, Three’s a Crowd…

In the early stages of dating, this particular phrase doesn’t really apply! Harking back to what we said about dating being a numbers game, seeing multiple people (whether it’s for coffee, a romantic evening or more…) in the early stages will give you perspective and allow you to make a more informed decision for when things seem to be getting serious. At the same time, however, remember not to overwhelm yourself!

Your Online Dating Profile Picture: It Says a Thousand Words

Don’t forget about your dating profile picture: it’s going to give other singles their very first impression of you (especially on apps like Tinder and Bumble). And of course… avoid group photos! People who see them will immediately assume that you are the least attractive one there! And also another piece of advice… maybe avoid users whose selfies are taken near a toilet. Just saying!

These are just quick pieces of advice but they are honestly pretty vital… It is also a good idea not to get invested too quickly! It takes time to get to know a person. Dating is never a waste of time either, because you always learn something new about both yourself and people!

Source: TheHuffingtonPost.co.uk

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