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Date: 09. March 2017

Members Only App: Tinder Select
Only for celebrities and Attractive People

Tinder Select is a members-only version of the dating app which aims to serve “elite” users such as super models, CEOs and other hyper-attractive and/or affluent people… including celebrities.

According to sources from TechCrunch, it was claimed that it is for both singles and celebrities who do really well on the normal version of Tinder. What appears to happen is that the app “invites” people to their new platform and the ability to “nominate” others is also given. However, if you are nominated to join you are unable to do so with anyone else, therefore preventing membership spreading in too much of an uncontrollable manner.

No one is sure how singles get invited to Tinder Select. One factor some people believe could be the case is the “Tinder Elo” sore, which is an apparent algorithmic rating system based on “thousands” of different signals.

Six Months Old

Apparently Tinder Select has been around for the last six months, at the very least. This of course means that the dating app may not necessarily be planning to release or announce it officially… Of course this would probably upset a lot of people as well, especially since people would want to know what their “Tinder rating” actually is!

What’s worth not is that this is not the first time that a dating app has tried to create and serve what known as “top users”. It’s also not the first time that there has been a function that operates via “invite only”.


Source: TechCrunch

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