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Date: 15. March 2017

No More Nudes:
Dating App Stops Men from Sending Explicit Pictures

There is now a dating app that comes with a filter which stops users from sending naked pictures. Trueview.me, a UK-based app, has implemented the feature in order to stop the copious amounts of nudes that are being sent by (predominantly male) users to other singles.

"Inappropriate" snapshots are blocked by the filter when users attempt to upload them onto their profiles. This filter examines every single photo that is uploaded – and it primarily aims to detect face and levels of nudity. A score is then set for the picture and the snap is rejected if a certain level of nudity is detected.

"I think the majority of online daters want penis shots and gratuitous body flashing shots to be a thing of the past," Matt Verity, co-founder of Trueview.me announced.

A Move to Prevent Crimes in Online Dating

Crimes related to online dating have apparently risen in the last five years according to Express.co.uk. Sending an unsolicited nude or dick pic for many could be classed as a form of sexual harassment and there is the potential to land those who do so with a criminal record in the UK. As a result, the filter is one of the many new measures being brought out in order to combat this trend and a range of other security problems that are seen as problematic when it comes to online dating. Another change which has been deemed as "revolutionary" is the ID software that is commonly found on sites such as Easyjet and Airbnb.

Dating App User Rankings

"Trust points" are given to users and these determine their ranking on the app. Such points are given when one shares information. For example, an “entry level” score means that the member has uploaded at least three photos and a basic descriptive bio. The more information that the individual divulges in the process of building a profile, the higher the trust score climbs. You can also increase this by linking your various accounts on social media (these will also be screened to ensure that you’re not a fake). TrueView even has ID verification technology.

"We have always promoted an honest dating space for people who are looking to form relationships rather than find casual hook-ups," Matt went on.

Source: Express.co.uk

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