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Date: 30. March 2017

Tinder Online: Dating Service soon to be a Website

Tindering in the work place will soon be easier. You won’t have to have a smartphone anymore to use the dating service. Soon Tinder will be coming out with Tinder Online as a browser application for every computer. However it will be a somewhat limited version.

Tinder will soon be available as a browser application. No longer will users have to go onto the app for smartphone and table in order to be able to use Tinder, instead now being able to search for a date on every computer.

The service will be called Tinder Online. It was already announced on the company website however with the note “Coming Soon”. It could be a few days or weeks until Tinder arrives over here. What is known is that with the web version you’ll have to log in to Tinder with your Facebook account and there will neither be a “Tinder Boost” nor “Super Likes” – both functions that users of the app have to pay extra for.

Tinder Online will distract people from work

With Tinder Online, the company wants to achieve two things: firstly, to allow users without smartphones with enough power or memory to access Tinder. Secondly, the Tinder app requires a lot of data thanks to the many pictures and a computer is only very rarely depend on it, because this mostly requires a real flat rate.

The reality though is that for the company its really only about one thing: Tinder wants to reach more users who will access the service more often. If users have the option to open a browser tab on their desktop, too, in order to make tweets without having to take their smartphone out their pockets then this is probably going to happen.


Source: Maclife.de

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