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Date: 16. May 2017

Tinder for Athletes: Gymder looks for singles to exercise with

The term “spornosexual” refers to “metrosexual” males who are into sports and porn. A new dating app -focused around fitness- called Gymder has been designed to help these spornosexuals look for workout partners, as well as share tips about fitness.

Men who love both porn and sport (often known as spornosexuals) are now able to find other fitness freaks thanks to a new app called Gymder. This dating app is a platform where you’re able to find both partners for working out and tips about things like fitness, exercise and health. However, there are a few who’ve called this app “creepy” – since it appears to double as a way of meeting “sweaty, single people” in the gym.

The filters the services uses includes criteria such as gender and work outs. In order to “like” what another user has done, they can “POW” them. It is free to download and you can create a profile before immediately connecting with other Gymder users nearby. In essence, this app is for “mutually interested” workout buddies who are nearby and there when you need them. This is according to the company, which is based in Munich.

The “fitness” context is rather unique in the way that it connects people. 

Probably unusual in comparison to a lot of other dating apps, there is no swiping functionality (although this is the same situation with the gay dating app, Grindr). Instead, you just see floating heads. Available on iOS and Android, there are multiple language versions including English, German and Spanish. Gizmodo, a tech blog, has stated that it is a lot more like a Tinder/Instagram for those who are athletes, since you can find singles here as well. In addition, it is possible to find users to “match” with: you can do this by matching with “everybody” or only choose specific ones.

Source: The Daily Mail

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