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Date: 08. May 2017

The Language of Modern Dating

Online dating has made finding a partner in general a little more complicated, however it does allow singles to express exactly what it is that they’re looking for. Thanks to dating apps and sites, a bout of new terms have arisen.


Many refer to the act of ghosting as a “millennial” act. It may probably be driven by the fact that new technology allows you to easily go anonymous: so, if you don’t like someone, it’s very easy to simply vanish out of their life. Of course, this is easiest if you have absolutely no friends in common. You could say that it is the online equivalent of going to the shops and never returning.


Haunting sounds very much like ghosting in a way, although it involves the “ex” still hanging around the edges of your social life: appearing on various social media platforms and dating sites, peering in. Sometimes, it may seem that this person wants sex or to rekindle something. You may even get a message now and then. In most cases – it’s best to ignore it.

Slow Fading

This is very closely related to ghosting. These people don’t vanish entirely – at least not at the start. They’re simply busy in some other place, and you have to be patient. Of course, you will be invited to “go for drinks soon…”. Slow faders tend to be singles who are somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of choice that they have in the world of modern dating.

Cuffing Season

This particular term is very much to do with the time of year – namely, autumn/winter when the days start to get shorter and colder. “Cuffing” refers to the action of finding a date to cuddle up with on those long, chilly nights. How long this actually lasts -and whether it lasts into the spring/summer- depends entirely on the people. However when dating, be aware that you may be “cuffed”.

Source: The Guardian

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