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Date: 28. July 2017

OKCupid’s Biggest and Latest Change
Dating Site Announces Revamped Paid Version

The biggest change to online dating site OKCupid has just taken place. Starting from this month, singles who have signed up to the site will no longer see the “visitors” tab. According to OKCupid itself, there is little or no value to having a visitor to your page. In essence, they believe that someone who visits your page but doesn’t follow up simply isn’t worth getting to know.

OKCupid has done away with its “visitors” tab so that users will no longer see who has visited their site. The platform, which is owned by Match.com, has stated that there is no value to a visitor. Anyone who visits your page and doesn’t bother to like it or even send a message is probably someone you shouldn’t bother pursuing.

A Dating Site Unlike Others

Considering visitors, it is important to understand how OKCupid works. Unlike a lot of other dating sites and apps (such as Tinder), the focus isn’t on finding out a user’s GPS location. Instead, users are matched in accordance with the answers that users give to their incredibly long questionnaires. A “percentage” is assigned to people: so, you could see a list of matches and your match score with them will be displayed (for example, someone could be 70%, 80% or a 95% match with you).

The “match score” is based on questions regarding topics such as politics, sex, dating, ethics and religion. When you see a match, you can visit their page, “like” it or even just send them a message.

The A-List Feature

In 2009, OKCupid introduced its “A-List” feature. The A-List feature automatically notified people whether someone clicked on their page. Even if you hadn’t liked them back (mutual matches could see one another). Singles who didn’t pay for the A-List feature couldn’t see which profile had liked their page.

There was also a “free” visitors tab, where everyone could see who visited their page (unless you were a paid user who used “incognito” mode).

Source: arstechnica.com

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