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Date: 06. August 2017

50+ Dating: How You Know Your Older Lover Is into You

50+ Dating: How You Know Your Older Lover IDating later in life can sometimes turn out to be a frustrating task: searching dating sites and apps, enduring awkward first dates, maybe some second dates that seemed so promising, and third dates overshadowed by disappointment. As you finally found someone in the 50+ dating scene where you might carefully, really carefully might think that they could be the one, how can you know they feel the same way?

Elizabeth Kuhnke is the author of “Body Language: Learn How to Read Others and Communicate with Confidence” and refers to physical signs as a good indicator of whether the feelings are mutual or not. “A man who is into you wants to make you happy and will do everything he can to make you feel love, cherished and adored,” she suggests. “He looks at you when you’re speaking. He responds to what you say, and asks questions.”

“He leans into your personal space and is comfortable touching your hand, putting his arm around you and placing his hand on the small of your back, as if he were guiding or protecting you.”

Looking at his feet might bring even more insight. “His feet point in your direction. If his body is lined up facing you square on, he’s showing that he’s on the same track as you. If he’s looking over his shoulder at you with his feet pointed towards the door, he’s letting you know that he’s not.”

Mirroring your body language may also be an indicator. “He matches your body language. If you’re leaning forward and he’s leaning forward towards you, he’s signaling that he’s connected to you.”

Date doctor Suzie Parker, founder of Meet Your Match, might have some further ideas to you if reading body language did not bring any clarification. Here are 6 Tips you should cherish:

  1. Listen to What He Says
    He is not mentioning dating or looking for a companion, but he clearly communicates that he is looking for a relationship.
  2. Playing Games? You will not be asking yourself where you stand with him since there is no playing hot and cold, since he is not into games at all. You will know where both of you stand and he won’t expect you to read his mind. He will ensure you of how much he is into you every opportunity he gets.
  3. Hey, Are You Free This Weekend?
    He will be integrating you into his schedule and will not leave it up to chance whether you get to spend time together. Also, he will have time on the weekends, since this is usually where married men spend time with their families. If he had a family, this is where you wouldn’t be seeing him.
  4. Getting to Know the Family
    If such things are already planned, he will tell you how excited he is about you meeting his family and will probably reiterate the great things he told them about you.
  5. Girlfriend or Maybe Even Wife?
    He will not be hiding you, or things from you. He will gladly confirm that you are his girlfriend when asked by others, and will not be secretive about his phone or the people he talks to.
  6. Anyone Else in Your Life? There will be no reason for uncertainty for you, since he will only want that one special person in his life. There will not be other women he wants to spend time with excluding you.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

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