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Date: 28. August 2017

Study shows The Perfect Time for Online Dating Is Late Summer

A short public service announcement to all those looking for love as summer comes to an end: now is the perfect time to look for someone – or something – via online dating. Due to new trends such as pigging, ghosting or simply being a shitty human being, online dating has received a pretty bad reputation over the years, yet generally people are not worse or better online than offline – they simply tend to be more upfront with it with the distance the internet creates between their screen and you. Also, people approach you – or vice versa -  much more frequently than offline.

Zoosk made an effort to find out when Online daters area prime activity, and paired up with AskMen and found that late summer is when the online dating scene is most active. Be it due to the desire to have someone to cuddle and be cozy with during the colder seasons or to end summer on a high note. In the end, apart from October, July and August are the best months to get into online dating, due to the increased activity.

Users Send More Messages

Zoosk found their users sending more messages, a whopping 21% more in July and August compared to other months. Of course, these statistics only refer to Zoosk in particular, but it would be pretty safe to assume that whatever is exciting their customers, might also spark more interest in different other dating sites and apps as well. If there is a time to get back into the online dating game – this is it.

Women Show Increased Desire to Join Online Dating Platforms

6% Increase. Now might just be the time for you to reinstall a dating app of your choice on that handy-dandy smartphone of yours. Even if there might usually not be as many ladies online dating in your area, there might be a chance of that number having increased – especially in August.

More Online Interactions – Women Are Trying To Get Out There

Apart from October, where most of us are desperately trying to find at least a “cuddle-buddy” but preferably someone to snuggle up with during the cold months with a hot drink under the blankets while blizzards or thunderstorms are rumbling outside, August is the month where most women are active. So, if you put “women” next to “interested in”, you should be out there looking for the one to spend those nasty cold stormy days with.

“You Have New Messages!”

Something you might be reading more frequently in late summer. The number of women responding to initial attempts of contact is increased by a whopping 10% during august. This also might be applicable to other platforms – try it for yourself! It might also come as a surprise that most new conversations are initiated in late summer. We are talking about a whopping 17%. Seems that sunbathing might get lonely after a while.

Source: bustle.com

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