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Date: 26. September 2017

Online Dating: What Men Are Looking For in a Partner

Have you tried Online dating, but just couldn’t get lucky?

Bad news first: if you are a female cat lover or own a cat you are going to have a bad time, is what has been revealed with what exactly men want when looking for a partner online.
Match.com has made an effort to find out what motivates men with online dating, what they are looking for and revealed the attributes of their ideal special lady, from hair colour to profession and even their sleep patterns.

Most men prefer blue eyes, with long light hair, as most men stated in the survey and an old saying about gentlemen claims. Additionally, dog owners are preferred to cat lovers, as are self-employed women.
Finally, night owls seem to appeal to men, as are women with an easy going nature and a love of pop/rock music.

All the while women are looking for men with blue eyes and short, dark hair. Ironically cat lovers are preferred to dog owners, as are early risers compared to night owls. Also, they love doctors and men who swim.

Despite the results of the research, the dating expert Vicky Pavitt says people need to be less picky when it comes to love. She explains: “What the research shows is a changing preference in what people find attractive, but of course preference can’t predict compatibility. The idea of a ‘perfect partner’ is not realistic, so be open minded about the types of people that you could be attracted to.”

Source: thesun.co.uk

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