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Date: 18. October 2017

How You Won’t Be Rejected by Women on Dating Sites

90% of all men who message women on dating sites are rejected

How do you make your message stand out of the hundreds of messages women receive on dating apps every day? They often decide within seconds who they will respond to.

Durex surveyed 5300 dating app users in the hopes of finding out why so many men are rejected even before the first conversation has even started.

Men who don’t get a response from their match, may not understand where they are going wrong. Approximately 9 out of 10 men fail to get a response from the match they just made and messaged. This may or may not come as a surprise since 86% of single people are registered with dating apps. A lack of responses causes some men to simply forward messages in hopes to at least get some reaction, sometime.
The study found that around 43% of people won’t reply since the initial contact message was way too sexualized, which put them off.

Most successful first message content seems to be humor. A whopping amount of 80% of humorous messages has led to a meeting.

Since not everyone is born a natural entertainer, durex has created an “inspiration hub” which will suggest good openers for you to contact a match with and has the potential to maximize your online dating success!

Commenting on the topic, dating expert Kezia Noble said: “In this day and age we have to be able to impress people before we’ve even met them in real life. Dating apps have made us all interviewers, looking for the right people to spend our time with, and with this research Durex has uncovered where the most people are struggling.”

Source: http://www.express.co.uk

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