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Date: 14. November 2013

Single Gals Like Going for a Drink

Dates arranged over the Internet mostly take place in the pub.

Single gals like going for a drinkLONDON, 14. November 2013 - British singles like to be sociable, including during that first date with someone they met over the Internet, as proven by a recent survey conducted among 13,279 European dating site users. The overwhelming majority of British singles met their blind date in the UK’s favourite public place: the pub. Only 1 in 4 proved to be willing to take the risk during a blind date of arranging to meet in private.

Single women in various European countries could learn a lot from the British when it comes to blind dates. Take Dutch women, for example, with 1 in 3 irresponsible enough to arrange having a blind date in their own home. Or Italian women, who willingly get into their new suitor’s car on the first date.

Pub culture shapes dating culture

British females take a different approach – single people in the UK prefer to arrange a first date in that one place they like the most, after thier own living room, that is: "The UK’s pronounced pub culture plays a natural part in dating. Most single women prefer to meet their blind date in a relaxed atmosphere, over a pint in the pub", says Pamela Moucha of UK's LeadingDatingSites in response to the results of the survey.

Nonetheless, almost 25% of British single women take the risk of meeting their date in private, and around half of the single women surveyed are bold enough to invite their blind date into their homes. "Not to mention the dangers that such a situation might entail, every woman should be aware that it may become awkward if she doesn't like the guy and wants to get rid of him as soon as possible", says Moucha.

Sports on a blind date: a big no-no!

In order to get to know their new online acquaintance, single people in Denmark, France and Sweden are happy to arrange a date involving a sporting activity. For the British, however, playing sport during such an occasion is an absolute no-no, continues Moucha. "Meeting for the first time in a sweaty, sporty atmosphere is not fitting with the image of the gentleman and the British lady". In this respect, the single men and women of the UK are in agreement. When looking for and getting to know another person, Churchill's wisdom of "No sports!" often applies – on the first date, at least.

Statistics: How irresponsible are single women in Europe?

Source: leadingdatingsites.co.uk

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