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Date: 10. December 2014

How Far Will You Go to Be Accepted Onto a Dating Site?

Stringent entry requirements are often seen as the domain of schools and universities. Dating sites, on the other hand, rarely seem to propose such limitations. The dating site Beautiful People is, however, renowned for having such high entry requirements. If you pride yourself on your looks or are lucky enough to have godlike bone structure, getting accepted onto Beautiful People shouldn’t be a problem. If you are unfortunate enough to be aesthetically challenged, however, you may have a more difficult time. That doesn’t stop people from trying multiple times. Some individuals have even gone so far as to change their looks –as well as their entire lives- in order to be accepted.

The Voting

The key factor determining whether or not one is accepted to Beautiful People is votes. Current members vote on a headshot of the applicant. There are different levels including ‘OK’ and ‘Absolutely Not’. It is claimed by the website that only one in five applicants are usually accepted. This is not good enough for some people, however, and has brought them around to the resolution to change their looks and sometimes even their lives.

The Turnarounds

Kelly O’Donnell from Canada was rejected from Beautiful People. At the time she weighed 90 kilograms and was feeling run down. Her rejection from the website inspired her to take on a new course of action. This involved exercising more, looking after her body and even learning all she could about nutrition. Eight years later and Ms. O’Donnell became a nutritional consultant.
For Aleksandra Pieczek, the rejection was particularly hard-hitting. She decided to lose weight, getting rid of eight kilograms. She took up several sports including Zumba and even started studying as well as becoming a model and a cheerleader.
Naturally women are not the only people who have decided to turn their lives around. Alexander Siegwardt from Germany was rejected so many times that he decided to start working out seven times a week. Within a period of nine months he was slimmer and more toned.

A Site for Shallow People

There are many who claim that Beautiful People is a website for shallow individuals. The website’s Managing Director, Greg Hodge, claims that the opposite of true. He believes that with such high entry requirements, Beautiful People actually encourages rejected applicants to improve themselves. As seen in some cases, people go much further than improving their looks. They start to study, find a career and can generally become better people overall. That is what Mr. Hodge believes is what Beautiful People aims to do.

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