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Date: 24. August 2015

Has Online Dating Killed Relationships?

These days, being single is often seen as a curse. Which is probably why so many people think being single sucks. This is understandable, but what makes it worse in the endless string of articles which state that ‘dating is dead’, or something to a similar effect. Thanks to online dating. It seems that single people must now live in utter fear that they will forever spend their lives alone because of apps like Tinder and Zoosk. Should this really be the case, though? Is dating truly dead and must single people simply give up and join convents? We wouldn’t advise you to don the cowl just yet…

Tinder: Sex on Demand

Some people have referred to Tinder as “straight Grindr”, which can be a pretty accurate summation to a point (though gay people use Tinder as well). The app is also seen as a meat market: anyone who wants a quick fiddle can end up in bed with someone within the hour (in the most extreme cases, or so it seems). It is thanks to this that myth of ‘dating is dead’ seems to continually be perpetuated throughout Internet.

Time to Get Real

As easy as it can be to believe, there is no evidence to suggest that the ritual of dating is dead. Sure, dating habits can change either slowly or drastically over time, but the point remains the same: people are people. Furthermore, online dating isn’t actually killing dating or relationships. If anything, it seems to be making it stronger. This is according to a 2012 study from Stanford University in California which states that the likes of online dating has simply replaced the typical areas in which people met one another.

A study from the University of Chicago also discovered that online dating has in fact improved a couple’s chances of staying together. One of the main theories with regards to this states that since people disclose a lot more to one another when they write to each other online, this creates a much more open field of honesty. For most people (at least), honesty is probably one of the most important aspects of any relationship!

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