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Date: 21. September 2015

Online Dating:
Turn Ons and Turns Off for Men and Women

Dating success in both the offline and online worlds can be dependent on many things, but according to a survey carried out by the Mirror, your hairstyle plays a large role. The poll taken involved 2,000 male and female participants who were actively looking for love on the Internet. Researchers were looking for the top five turn offs and turn ons for each gender. Among them were the best and worst hairstyles.

The Hairstyle No-Go

One of the first things revealed was that women did not like men who had ponytails. Ponytails often come in different shapes and sizes, but according to the poll 41% of women surveyed believed that they weren’t suitable or were simply turned off by them. One woman, 25-year-old Claire Cavendish, stated that she wouldn’t even read a man’s profile if she saw that he had a ponytail.

Women: The Turn Offs

The ponytail, the so-called ‘man bun’ (or top knot), ‘curtains’ and the bob were considered by the women polled to be the least attractive kind of haircut. Photographs of men with another girl, with an ex-partner who had obviously been cropped out from the photo and a long beard were other turn offs for women while browsing a dating profile. Being too muscley didn’t seem to do much for them either.

Men: The Turn Offs

When it came to hairstyles, men did not appear to be fond of short hair or even extensions that were ‘obvious’. Short-cropped ‘pixie hair’ was not seen as a charmer, either. 31-year-old Adam Hendry stated that although he was interested in any woman who wanted to date him, he was turned off by ‘those weird eyebrows’.  Other turn offs in this area also included being overly groomed, pouting, holding a baby and having, as Adam mentioned, high-definition eyebrows.

Women: The Turn Ons

Regarding hairstyle, some of the favourites among women included a ‘subtle quiff’, hair that was slicked back, ‘boyband hair’ (that could be a range of things, however… they didn’t go into too much detail!) and undercuts. When it came to other turn ons, just some of them included things like tattoos, a good dress sense (this got a high approval rating of over 60%). Six packs, photos with pets and even a light tan were also at the top of the list.

Men: The Turn Ons

For men, turns ons were things like a good dress sense, a nice smile and no makeup and tattoos. Regarding hairstyle, long hair was obviously a turn on, things like natural waves, blond hair and brunette colouring were all on top.

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