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Date: 14. October 2015

Correct Spelling and Grammar Leads to Success in Online Dating

A study from Match.com discovered that 96% of women who responded believe that correct use of grammar is essential when looking for a partner.

Correct Spelling Trumps All!

Somehow, it is understandable. Just imagine writing to someone who is good-looking, intelligent and has all of the characteristics you are looking for in a partner. You wait in eagerness, hoping that they write something back to you. Now imagine you actually receive a response… And it’s full of basic spelling and grammar mistakes.

Such a response could immediately make you question whether or not the single on the other end is actually serious about the whole situation. It is for these reasons that Match.com asked its members and ended up coming out with the overwhelming result (96%!!) that women found incorrect spelling and lazy grammar in a message to be extremely unsexy.

It was then calculated that, from a result such as this, a man’s profile will stand a 14% LESS chance of being contacted by a woman, if it contained just two grammar or spelling mistakes.

Further Facts

Grammar and spelling mistakes are not the only faux pas that you may have to watch out for. Of course, various abbreviations (how r u, lol, etc.) are forgivable in the context of online chatting, the issue seems to arise in longer messages. Most people who see such mistakes are often going to think of online scammers and that the individual on the other end is just out to get their money. It was discovered that a profile with even just a few grammatical or spelling errors have a 3.8 chance of being scammers.

On the other hand, the study found another interesting fact: this issue seemed only to affect men. Women could have almost as many grammar and spelling errors as they liked. This didn’t stop the barrage of messages that they usually receive on a daily basis.

Source: Daily Mail

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