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Date: 30. November 2015

Mistress of Sugar Daddies Says She’s Doing Their Wives a Favour

Sugar daddies and their mistresses are nothing. Gwyneth Lee, a business woman and enthusiastic sugar daddy mistress/sugar baby, has been in the game for years. To date, she has had three affairs with various lovers. What’s more, they were married. Lee also believes that she is doing their wives a favour by sexually pleasuring their husbands.

According to Gwyneth Lee, 45, by giving these men a means to cheat without getting caught, she was doing their wives a favour. It allowed them to enjoy fantasies while still staying with their wives. She also says that at least one of her lovers’ wives knew about the steamy affair that was being had. Since the wife herself had little interest in sex, she allowed it to slip.

An Affair to Remember

"If her husband had not been allowed to cheat he would have left her and that would have caused huge upheaval to a family with children,” the brunette explained. She went on to say that he was able to come and go as he pleased and enjoy a night of passion with her, before returning to the home. Lee announces that she was an outlet for his fun and both of them were very discreet about the whole thing.

Everyone reportedly benefitted from the affair that Lee had. Lee says that she doesn’t feel “morally compromised”: the wife was much happier because of her.

A New Lease on Life (And Sex)

Gwyneth Lee’s husband, a Dutch businessman, died of liver cancer ten years previous. All alone, Lee decided that she would join the site IllicitEncounters in order to see what else was out there. Lee says that she also has a very high libido and therefore is interested in finding someone who has similar tastes to her.

Although she enjoys what she is doing on, Lee believes that she wants a full-time relationship once again. This can be difficult to find and if she were in one again, Lee states that she would hope to do all she could to keep her husband happy. “If my husband were to ever go on a site like llicitEncounters.com, I would think it was because I probably wasn't doing enough to keep him happy,” she said.

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