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Date: 08. April 2016

Renting a Girlfriend?
Relationships That Remain Online

The pattern in online dating is quite simple: two singles match up on a dating site or app, they send messages or chat for a bit and then decide whether or they'll have a date in real life. In the United States, the Pew Research Centre carried out a study which concluded tht 15% of adults have, at some point, used online dating. A third never met with the person they flirted with. There are many reasons for being hesitant, and therefore a market for so-called "virtual" fulfullment (on emotional, intellectual and sexual levels) exists. This culminated in the reation of Mygirlfund.com, a "virtual dating" platform where guys can "rent" girlfriends whom they shall never meet in real life but can develop a close personal connection with.

One of Mygirlfund's founders, Stefan, says, "We've had some relationships last up to seven years." He added, "They’re the real deal. These are people sharing very intimate parts of themselves with one another. We felt the future of adult entertainment wasn’t really about the content, but about the relationship and the intimacy you can share with someone over the Internet. That’s what people would pay for."

More than 10,000 ladies have signed up to Mygirlfund since the site was launched. Business Insider reports that there are some who earn up to $55,000 per year. Evidently, the service they offer is something tht a lot of men are willing to hand over cash for!

Various communication methods are offered on Mygirlfund.com: users can talk via text message, a video chat facility and are also able to exchange photos. At least in this sense, the site operates along the lines of a social network. What some may find surprising is that the site is overly porn-free: there aren't many advertisements or even pop-ups that appear on the site. Images deemed sexauly explicit will normally be flagged. The owners, Stefan and Brian, have set it up so that online relationships can develop in a way that is very different to cam sites.

"This isn’t really about content or cam shows, or any of that. All that stuff does happen on the site, but it’s really about the relationship and the bond that two people form," Brian says.

"By never meeting, you’re always in a heightened state of titillation. You get to live in a fantasy world," Stefan adds.

Mygirlfund sems to satisfy a craving that many people apparently have. It could be seen as a form of social media, naturally, but there is a very different and unique twist to it!



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